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Europe’s 10 Best Christmas Markets

By on October 18, 2016

Browse Europe’s best Christmas markets

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can almost feel the cool air and imagine the twinkling lights. Europe will turn into a magical wonderland, filled with Christmas markets that will make you fill like a kid again. Check out our list for the best Christmas markets in Europe and let us help you get there using our European trip planner!



Zagreb, Croatia

The entire city turns into a magical Christmas market! The parks, the town’s squares, the streets, everything is full of dance shows, traditional music performances, and you can even take a tram ride with Santa Claus. Zagreb is pure Christmas magic!

Zagreb Art Pavilion, Croatia

Zagreb Art Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia

Strasbourg, France

This Christmas market is the oldest in France and the most renowned, for a good reason. Strasbourg’s town squares are full of picturesque wooden huts filled with local produce, and decorated with breathtaking decorations. That’s why planning a road trip to France in this period can be a special experience.

Strasbourg on Christmas time

Entrance to the city center of Strasbourg on Christmas time, France

Colmar, France

Colmar is a fairytale town, and it turns into something truly magical during Christmas. The narrow cobbled streets will be full of light and beautiful Christmas decorations, as well as 65 stalls. Don’t forget to sip some hot chocolate to keep warm!

Christmas decorations in Colmar, France

Christmas decorations in Colmar, France

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels turns into a true wonder at Christmas time. There’s an ice-skating rink, a huge Christmas tree, a magical light show, a Christmas Parade, a Ferris wheel and over 200 stalls full of Christmas goodies.

Grand Place of Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place of Brussels Belgium and a huge Christmas tree

Dresden, Germany

With a total of 11 different Christmas markets, Dresden is the ultimate Christmas playground. Each of the markets boasts a different theme, from a medieval market to a ski one. The entire city is in full Christmas mode, with Christmas tales being shown in the city’s theatres and museums that host special exhibitions. Even the boats are decorated with lights along the Elbe!

Dresden Christmas market

Dresden christmas market

London, England

Hyde Park’s  Winter Wonderland in London is truly the most magical Christmas celebration you can imagine. You can find a giant Ferris wheel, a magical ice kingdom, a Christmas circus, and a huge outdoors ice rink alongside countless winter stalls.

Hyde Park's winter WonderLand

Hyde Park’s winter WonderLand

Copenhagen, Denmark

The city’s number one Christmas market is held in Tivoli Gardens, where you can meet Santa and his reindeer, and go on some amazing rides while snacking on traditional sweets.

Christmas in Tivoli Gardens Christmas markets

The carousel and Christmas illumination in Tivoli Gardens

Prague, Czech Republic

This impressive Christmas market brings locals and tourists together to celebrate the Christmas spirit. There is a giant Christmas tree in Prague’s Old Town Square, and even a small petting zoo, alongside stalls full of wooden toys and handmade jewellery.

Prague Christmas market

Prague Christmas market in the Old Town Square

Vienna, Austria

As expected, Vienna is full of music, especially on Christmas. The city hosts choirs from around the world to sing Christmas songs. Other than that, expect a traditional and lush Christmas market, full of beautiful decorations and Christmas goodies.

Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

christmas market in Vienna, Austria

Rome, Italy

The Christmas market in Rome turns Piazza Navona into a winter wonderland. The fountain in the Piazza gives the market a festive and magical feeling. That’s why an trip to Italy during Christmas time is much recommended.

St. Peter's square at Christmas

St. Peter’s square at Christmas (Rome)


What’s the best Christmas market you’ve ever been to?

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Europe's 10 Best Christmas Markets
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Europe's 10 Best Christmas Markets
With Christmas just around the corner, Europe will turn into a magical wonderland, filled with Christmas markets that will make you fill like a kid again.
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