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Finding Santa Claus In Lapland

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Christmas means that Santa Claus is coming! If you listen carefully you will hear the jingle bells of his sleigh. We decided to go on a journey, plan a road trip to Europe and go through the most magical countries to find Santa Claus in Lapland and bring him back with us just in time for Christmas!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip!

Popular itinerary – Looking for Santa:

Where’s Santa?

Akureyri, Iceland   

Visit the Christmas Garden in Akureyri,  to see where Santa’s workshop is when he comes to Iceland. Only a ten minute drive from the city center, you will see a beautiful red house, surrounded by magical gardens. Inside you will find amazing Christmas decorations from all over the world. Don’t forget to climb the fairy tower and see the world’s biggest Christmas calendar on your search for Santa Claus in Lapland! 

via JustinPoulsen – Christmas House – Akureyri, Iceland

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Visit the enchanting Christmas village for decorations, wooden huts and hot chocolate.

Rovaniemi, Finland 

The official home town of Santa Claus! Visit the magical Santa Claus Village that includes an actual post office and postal elves that receive the children’s letters to Santa. You can join the elves and other fairy-tale creatures and help them with their daily chores in Santa’s underground home or see Santa’s office.

Santa’s office in Santa’s village at Rovaniemi, Finland

Kiruna, Sweden

Visit Santa’s secret hideaway! Nestled in the woods, you can learn how to drive Santa’s sleigh at a reindeer farm, see the northern lights, and tour the amazing ice hotel.

Kiruna, Sweden

Drøbak, Norway

Santa was born in Drøbak and the town is very dear to his heart. Visit The Christmas House (Julehuset), where you will meet trolls, elves and gnomes, and of course – Santa Claus. Santa’s Post Office is right next door. You can buy stamps from Santa’s post office and send your Christmas wish list directly to him.

Where will you be spending Christmas this year? Will it be on a search for Santa Claus In Lapland?

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