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The Single Girl’s Guide To Traveling Alone – Why, How & Where

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Can’t find a partner to travel with? So what! This time in your life calls for planning a trip! a glamorous, exciting and adventurous trip on you own, that is! There are so many reasons you should travel solo, and it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds if you use our incredible route planner for your trip! Traveling alone can actually be even more fun!

So you are single and fabulous, good for you! While most of your friends are knee deep in the relationship routine (visiting with the in-laws, surviving poker nights with his friends, changing diapers), you are free as a bird, single and ready to mingle – with the world!

In order for us to convince you that traveling alone is THE best gift you can give yourself, we’ve put together a complete single girl’s guide to traveling solo. Here we go…

First of all, why go on a solo adventure? Let us count the ways!

Sharing is (not) caring – That’s right, you won’t have to share anything, you get the bed all to yourself, no shared funds (so no one will ask if you really need that second pair of shoes), no one will try to steal that yummy dessert from you. you get everything all to yourself! self-indulgence is what it’s all about when traveling alone!

Freedom – You do what you want, when you want, how you want. You call the shots. There will be no compromising, arguing or debating. Do you feel like waking up at dawn and staring at the sunrise? Go for it! Feel like skipping all the long walks and just sitting at a coffee place, sipping lattes and people watching? Then a vacation in Italy is the right place to just do it! Want to hang out at your favorite museum all day long? Then that’s what you should do. There is no one to tell you shouldn’t, you can make it as glamorous or as gritty as you like. the world is your oyster!

Meeting new people – Let’s face it, it is very hard meeting new people while you’re traveling with your partner, but making new friends when you’re traveling alone is super easy! Just hang out in your hostel’s lobby in the evening, ask people for directions and tips or even join a random table at the pub- you will be making new friends and even potential love interests before you know it!

It’s therapeutic – How many opportunities do you get to just concentrate on yourself guilt-free?  You can be your genuine self, free from judgment. You can be deeply moved by a delicious dish, you can contemplate a beautiful piece of art, explore what gives you pleasure or just sit silently and get to know yourself.

Tips for traveling alone

Initial planning is a must – Knowledge is power! Research your destination – the currency, the language, your accommodation. Know how long it takes and how much it costs to get from the airport to your hotel or to the city center. Check out if there are risky places you shouldn’t visit, or any cultural restrictions. After you know your guidelines- treat yourself and keep a strong sense of adventure! Keep an open mind and feel free to change your route, follow your passions and have fun.

Safety first – Walk with confidence, and if you don’t feel it, fake it till you make it! try not to look lost or confused- that is sure to attract some unwanted attention. Carry a copy of your ID with you, try not to look too much like a tourist (i.e. camera around your neck, huge map in your hands etc.), let someone you trust know your itinerary and how you can be reached, and mostly- trust your instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Don’t be afraid – Hey, we know, the world is a scary place, but try to enjoy the solitude. Dine alone! you don’t even need a book or a phone. Check out the world surrounding you, be in the moment.  You have a chance to concentrate on your food, ask a local for a recommendation and strike up a conversation. Go to a bar and have a glass of wine by yourself, take your own pictures (this is why they invented selfie sticks!). Trust us – It’s a great confidence booster! Conquering the fear of traveling alone is extremely empowering. Now you can really take over the world, and you can fully trust yourself to do it.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect solo trip!

The Best Destinations for Traveling Alone

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the best picks for solo travelers. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, Iceland is known for its low crime and travel scams rates, they speak perfect English and are eager to help out a lovely tourist like yourself. You can be as adventurous as it gets – whale watching, glacier hiking, bathing in hot natural springs and it also has a bustling city life, full of cafes and bars, where you can make some friends or just enjoy by yourself.


Berlin, Germany

Easy transportation, exciting nightlife and hipster atmosphere, Berlin is where you’ll never feel alone. With endless amount of attractions, museums and bars, you are sure to feel right at home. The locals are super friendly and speak great English, and are always happy to add a nice girl like you to the happy group.

Berlin Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is singles central with plenty of solo travelers visiting the city so feel free to get lost in the little beautiful streets, rent a bike, marvel at the amazing tulips or take a boat ride in the canals. It’s a great way to meet people and the locals are super laid back and helpful, even though the city is very easy to navigate.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish people like to party, and no one does it better then in Barcelona, and that’s exactly why planning a vacation in Spain alone is absolutely perfect! You can spend the whole day roaming markets, attractions and shopping, but as soon as the sun comes down, hurry to the nearest bar, order some cold sangria and fresh tapas and start up a conversation with the local crowd. Spanish people love to converse and entertain and they will surely make you feel welcome and will be more than happy to show you the famous Barcelona nightlife scene.

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the perfect place to travel solo! It’s a small town, very warm and friendly. You can rent a car and have a little road trip to see the amazing green scenery. Everybody’s nice and always up for a good time and a spontaneous bar crawl. You can hop on a tourist bus to get by or just walk around. If you get thirsty, there’s always a pint of Guinness waiting for you.

Dublin, Ireland

Let us know in the comments below the adventures you’ve had as a female solo traveler! We’re sure if you follow this guide they’ll only be good ones! 🙂

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