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A 10-Day Culinary-Focused Journey from the Main to the Danube Rivers

Embark on a culinary voyage along the Main and Danube Rivers, exploring the rich culinary mosaic of Germany and Austria. The city of Frankfurt is a culinary paradise, featuring Ebbelwoi, the local cider, and Handkäse mit Musik, a regional cheese delicacy. The picturesque town of Wertheim, situated at the confluence…

A Culinary Tour of Northern England

England, once known for its bland and dull dishes, has undergone a significant culinary transformation. Today, foodies will find a diverse array of fine local and traditional dishes, alongside a plethora of international cuisine options brought by the many immigrants who have settled in England over the past 60 years,…

Tapas in Spain – We Have You Covered!

Routeperfect’s Guide to Tapas In Spain  As I set out to plan my trip to Spain, one of the many things I got excited about was the food! Each city in Spain boasts its own unique cuisine and signature tapas. Here is our guide to the most amazing tapas in…

Travel Italy – Discover the Beauty of Tuscany

Tuscany is like a painting. Imagine misty green hills, golden light, vineyards and castles, villas and olive groves. It is a picture-perfect scene – but where is Tuscany? Tuscany is located in west- central Italy and is one of the best places among Italian honeymoon destinations. It is filled with…

Pasta Lover’s Guide to the Best Attractions in Italy

Is there anyone out there who loves eating AND loves traveling? This tour is for you pasta lovers, and our trip planner will help you find the best stops! Pasta has a diverse history and has gone through many changes across many regions, but, when we hear the word “pasta”…

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