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Spain Travel

Travel Spain

By on January 26, 2022

Spain, a vibrant, diverse country, is rich in national and natural treasures. From lively, cosmopolitan cities to stunning countryside, towering gothic cathedrals to ancient Roman ruins, epic landscapes to spectacular coastlines, flamenco dancers to matadors – and let’s not forget its unique, delightful cuisine- Spain offers boundless possibilities for…


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Top 5 Romantic Itineraries for Valentine’s Day 2019

By on February 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day is officially here and there is no better way to surprise a loved one than with a romantic trip together to a favorite destination or maybe even somewhere new! We know that planning a romantic itinerary for you and someone else can be difficult, especially if you’re doing…


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5 Most Hipster Cities in Europe

By on July 3, 2018

Routeperfect’s guide to the 5 most hipster cities in Europe
Europe is home to many countries, and each one with a distinctive lifestyle, cultural identity, and history to explore. Still, there are those of us who crave something past the more common tourist stops. Those familiar with hipster culture will…

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