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Following The “Game Of Thrones” Across Europe

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Winter is coming!
Ok, not really, but we still LOVE “Game of Thrones”. The epic series features a backdrop of some of Europe’s most breathtaking natural landscapes, and as true fans, we are following in Jon Snow’s footsteps, and discovering the real life filming locations of the show.

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Popular itinerary – following game of thrones:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Belfast, Northern Ireland (Winterfell) – Moving from sunny Croatia to Norther Ireland reveals some dramatic landscape, windy lush green hills and ancient castles. You can take a Game of Thrones tour from Belfast and explore Winterfell, the caves where Melisandre of Asshai gave birth, Brienne’s Tree Branch and many, many more cool locations. In this case, we recommend to plan an Ireland road trip, as this will give you the freedom to move from one location to the other easily and fast. The scenery is as impressive in real life as it is on the screen.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Reykjavik, Iceland (Behind the wall, home to the white walkers) – The capital of Iceland is like the little engine that could! This small town is familiar and friendly as it is energetic and exciting. There are cozy cafes, great restaurants, street art, cool musical acts, museum and vibrant nightlife. Other than that, Reykjavík is the starting point for many adventures, so you can take a tour to explore Jon Snow’s glacier journey, and many other scenes that where shot at Þingvellir national park, Myvatn, the Hengill volcanic crater and Þórsárdalur valley.

Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland

Girona, Spain (Braavos) Travel to Spain as it’s full of Game of Thrones locations. Girona is majestic and medieval, full of Gothic churches and cobbled narrow lanes. This historic town serves as Braavos in Games of Thrones.

View of the medieval town of Besalu, Girona, Spain

Seville, Spain (Water Gardens of Dorne) – According to legend, Seville was founded by none other than Hercules. Located on the Guadalquivir river banks, Seville is a product of its rich history – Moorish, medieval and Roman. Seville’s Alcázar is a sight to behold. This Moorish palace was built in the 1300s and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historic monument will take your breath away. This amazing palace is the perfect location to serve as the Water Gardens of Dorne where the Martell in the capital, Lanza del Sol, lives.

Gardens of Alcázar, Spain
mossy landscape of Eldhraun at sunrise in Iceland
Historic architecture of Kastel Gomilica, Split, Croatia
Patio in Royal Alcazars of Seville, Spain
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