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Undiscovered Paradise – The Best Things To Do on your Portuguese Holiday!

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Welcome to Portugal! This small country is big on character, with stunning views, fabulous beaches, fantastic local vineyards, charming villages and amazing food. We took upon ourselves the challenging task of choosing the best places to visit in Portugal. With so many amazing things to do, narrowing down this list was not easy! So, let’s start planning your Portuguese Holiday!

What are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect trip to Portugal!

Popular itinerary in Portugal:

Benagil Cave, Portugal

The Benagil Sea Cave is part of a system of caves with the most famous one located a few meters from the fishing town of Benagil. The cave offers romantic seclusion and picturesque scenery, with glimpses of crystal clear water and blue skies. You can get there safely by a boat. If you choose to take a kayak or swim, make sure the ocean is very calm!

Benagil Cave, Portugal

Azores Islands

These nine spectacular islands will take your breath away and the colors will leave you speechless. Emerald green and sapphire blue, the Azores Islands were created by volcanic cones. They are serene and picturesque, with each island offering a unique local experience.  You can swim with dolphins, do some whale watching or just take in the stunning scenery, and also enjoy some delicious Portuguese tapas while listening to live music. And if you decide to go to Azores on your Portuguese holiday, then take us with you!

Azores Island, Portugal


Aveiro is a charming little town that has hidden gems at every turn. Known as “Portuguese Venice” this picturesque town has beautiful canals, small bridges and colorful houses.

Traditional boats on the canal in Aveiro, Portugal. Colorful Moliceiro boat rides in Aveiro are popular with tourists to enjoy views of the charming canals. Aveiro, Portugal.

Madeira Island

Home to the legendary Ronaldo, Madeira Island is an exotic and magical island renowned for its tropical climate and excellent local wine. Tropical gardens, natural swimming pools and vibrant flowers, the scenery changes and gets wilder and wilder as you move through the island.  Madeira is what we imagine the Garden of Eden must look like!

Camara de Lobos village in Madeila island, Portugal

Barreta Island 

Welcome to paradise! Located in the Ria Formosa National Park, this deserted, uninhibited island shows nature at its best – raw and wild. In this isolated haven, you have the white, endless, sandy beach all to yourself and cool down in the warm, clear waters while you absorb the peace.

Cabo Da Roca

This cliff is the westernmost point of Portugal and Europe. This coordinate is important to sailors and also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Serra di Sintra and of the ocean. Cabo Da Roca  was considered the edge of the world up until the up until the late 14th century and the isolated light house only adds to the dramatic landscape!

Cabo da Roca, Portugal. Lighthouse and cliffs over Atlantic Ocean, the most westerly point of the European mainland.

Douro Valley 

This magical landscape produces some of the best wines in the world. In Douro Valley you can admire the lush green valley and the flowing river. While joining in on the harvest, visit vineyards and, of course, drink a lot of wonderful, local wine.

Douro Valley, Portugal

Peneda-Gerês National Park 

A must for all nature lovers on your Portuguese holiday, Peneda-Gerês National Park  is the only national park in Portugal. This huge landscape includes an area of 702.90 squre km. Besides the stunning landscape you can hike, birdwatch, visit castles, camp or visit the little villages in the park for some delicious local food.

Peneda-Gerês National Park , Portugal


Sintra is an exquisite Portuguese town that is located west of Lisbon. This  UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its stunning 19th Century romantic architecture. Set against green hills, Sintra’s awe inspiring palaces, castles and manors will make you feel like royalty straight out of a fairy tale.

Sintra, Portugal

Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel), Evora

No, this is not a scene from a horror movie, the walls and pillars of the Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel) are actually made of skulls and bones. This stunning and shocking chapel was built by Franciscan monks. The cemeteries were over populated and taking up valuable space in Evora, so the bones were moved to the chapel. The monks thought showing the bones instead of burying them would also contribute to accepting death as a part of life. If you like dark tourism, this chapel is a must for your Portuguese holiday!

Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel), Evora, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum in Cascais, Portugal
Lake of Sete Cidades, Azores, Portugal Europe

How many of these have you visited? Let us know in the comments! If you dream of planning a vacation for you and your love ones, but have no idea where to start, use our trip itinerary planner and you’ll see how easy it is!

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