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The Complete Honeymoon Guide: How, Where, & What

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We know, you are knee deep in wedding planning – the dress, the cake, the mother in law, but, have you started thinking about your honeymoon? We know, it has to be a memorable experience and it must be overwhelming to plan, but we’ve got your back! Here is the complete guide to planning the most once in a lifetime, exotic, romantic honeymoon ever!

Start planning your perfect honeymoon!

Popular itinerary in Italy & France:

So, how to plan a honeymoon?

When planning a honeymoon, we have to consider a few parameters. To help you out with that fatal decision and also help you remain a loving couple that will not consider divorcing two days after the wedding we’ve put together a (drum roll) –

Honeymoon Checklist 

  • Honeymoon Budget – The least romantic part of the honeymoon is figuring out the budget for this adventure. But once you figure out the budget you are willing to spend on this and set a realistic goal, you will be able to move on to the fun part. Try to plan the budget before deciding on the location, so the budget will help you determine the honeymoon destination. Even if you don’t have a “money is no issue” situation, don’t be sad, there are plenty of great budget honeymoons.
  • Honeymoon Destination – Location, location, location. Probably the most important part, right? There are so many options to choose from, so check out our different types of honeymoons, and also our top honeymoon destinations. Make sure the honeymoon destination you end up choosing will match the budget you’ve set, the season in which you are traveling, and the duration of the trip (if you only have a week to spare, better not waste your precious cocktail sipping time on long flights).
  • Honeymoon Goals – A honeymoon is a romantic, unique, once in a lifetime trip, right after you are done with stressing over the wedding, right before real life, kids, work, etc. Make sure this isn’t just a trip, make it special! Choose some activity or destination that isn’t just a weekend getaway, that can only be done while you are young, free, and in love (we are being dramatic but you catch our drift). Try to make it longer than your average vacation. Research your honeymoon destination and find an interesting twist – an adventurous hike, a secluded beach or a once off festival. As long as there is something memorable and different, that will make for a lifetime of memories and experiences.

Types of Honeymoons –

Before you choose your romantic honeymoon destination, try to decide on the vibe you are looking for:

Adventure Honeymoon – Laying on the beach is not for you. Your honeymoon is a great excuse to take a really long vacation and boldly go where you haven’t gone before. You can choose a remote destination and trek through it, climb mountains or backpack across deserts. Take the opportunity to sleep under the stars, watch the sunrise, and marvel at some truly breathtaking views.

  • The downside – You won’t necessarily have a shower or a bathroom nearby, it will be really cold or really hot and all together not a walk in the park.
  • The upside – If you survive this (we kid, you will) you will come out of it stronger, more unified, and with a lifetime supply of memories.

Tropical Honeymoon – Pack your bathing suits and your flip flops, it’s time to relax! Choose an exclusive and pampering resort for a tropical beach getaway, or a secluded and tropical beach where you can lay all day in the sun and have a cocktail with your sweetheart. White sand, crystal blue water, and some peace and quiet is a perfect honeymoon maker!

  • The downside – It might get a bit boring after a few days so make sure to check out a few local attractions or some fun water activities to pump up the adrenaline.
  • The upside – You will get a nice tan, see amazing romantic sunsets, and beautiful photos to last a lifetime.
Double bed floating in middle of water, elegant bed linen, blue tropical sea all around , vacations or honeymoon concept

Urban Honeymoon – Restaurants, museums, history, and some vibrant street vibes, how cool and fun it is to have a city honeymoon. There’s nothing better than a honeymoon in Europe to experience that! An urban honeymoon offers a little something for everyone – you can have a candle lit dinner at a local restaurant, see some amazing art, listen to some cool live jazz band, or visit a must see historical monument.

  • The downside – Sometimes city life can be a bit pricey so make sure you don’t spend away your budget on shopping or you will have to hitch hike back home!
  • The upside – There’s always something to do in an urban environment, and if you get tired, you can relax at a nice café and do some people watching.

Romantic Honeymoon – Why not plan a full blown, over the top, romantic honeymoon? And a honeymoon in Italy is the exact place for that! Yes, it’s kitschy and a cliché but for good reason! Your honeymoon is the time to celebrate your love for each other and go overboard, with a fire place, candles, and rose petals on your bed. Chose a classic old world destination – explore quaint little cobbled streets, visit charming villages, go to a winery and try some fine local wine or shop at a local market for a romantic picnic for two.

  • The downside – This honeymoon might too lovey dovey and rub your modern cynicism the wrong may, but try to let go of the sarcasm for once in your life and just indulge in the romance.
  • The upside – It’s a romantic honeymoon. Enough said.
Paris travel destination. Tourist couple on sunny day looking at beautiful cityscape. Generative AI.

Honeymoon Expectations – Finally, listen, we know that a honeymoon is an important thing, it’s a big deal and it should be. You might plan and research and expect it to be perfect but sometimes things won’t go exactly as planned. But, from experience, that will be the exact moment that a honeymoon will change from ordinary to magical. Let yourself get lost for a while, discover new things, and experience new adventures. Don’t forget, the best thing about the honeymoon is being able to spend it with your soulmate, have some time together, and celebrate your love. That will make even the ordinary view turn into a glorious sunset. Don’t forget- love is all you need!

Where? We have a few suggestions

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Or plan your own perfect honeymoon!

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