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Europe Road Trip – Check List of Czech Beer

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Europe Road Trip – Check out the best Czech Beer

With the highest rate of beer consumption per capita in the world, the Czech Republic is a must for all beer lovers. Czech beer production dates back to the 12th Century, so you can bet they know what they’re doing! If you are a beer enthusiast, the Czech Republic is a must for your Europe road trip.

Prague panorama charles bridge river from mountain skyview. High quality photo. Skyview of old town of prague and the river and charles bridge. perfect light and mood.


Starting your Europe road trip in Prague, spend your time exploring its world-renowned Old Town and castle. Climb to the top of the hill for breathtaking views of the city below. Visit the numerous excellent museums before walking across the Charles Bridge at sunset, watching the lights of the city slowly turning on before setting out on your evening of beer drinking!

Prague’s beer history began in monasteries in the 10th Century. The Břevnov Monastery began producing beer in the 10th Century and is still active today producing  Břevnovský Benedict beer.

Today, Prague is home to the Staropramen Brewery, the second-largest brewery in the country. It was founded in the 19th Century and it exports beer to 37 countries! The brewery offers daily tours in English as well as other languages. The city is home to a number of other smaller breweries, craft breweries, historic breweries, and more!

View of the old monastery Brevnov in Prague

České Budějovice

The next stop on your Europe road trip is České Budějovice, a town also known by its German name Budweis. This city has been known for its beer production since the 13th Century! Explore the museums and Old Town, with its preserved Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. České Budějovice is a great base for day trips exploring Southern Bohemia. Take a day trip to Český Krumlov to see its castle overlooking the Vltava River.

A must for all beer lovers in  České Budějovice is a visit to the Budvar Brewery. Learn all about the history and production of Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager. Tours are available daily at 2:00 pm in English as well as several other languages.

Samson’s Fountain, Ceske Budejovice
Ceske Krumlov, South Bohemia


Also known as Plzen, this city is famous for one thing: beer. Pilsner beer was invented here in 1842, and has since been a worldwide beer producer. Josef Groll, a German brewer living and working in Pilsen invented the first light-colored beer, whose success spread throughout the Austrian Empire. There was even a special train for transporting the brew from Plzen to Vienna every morning! By 1874, Pilsner beer already reached Paris and the United States.

Beer enthusiasts flock to Pilsen from all over the world to sip the drink in its original hometown. Pilsner Urquell (Urquell in German means “original source”) is the world’s first lager beer, and has inspired over two thirds of the world’s beer! Take a tour of the factory to learn about the beer’s inception, history, production, and ingredients in a place that produces over 120,000 bottles per hour!



In a region known for wine-making, Brno is unique. Not only is it home to the iconic Starobrno Brewery, it is also home to numerous microbreweries.

Founded in 1872, the Starobrno (Old Brno) Brewery is a must-see for anyone in the city on your Europe road trip – even if you don’t like beer! The best Moravian barley and finest Bohemian hops are used in its beer production, whose quality standards live up to 16th century purity laws – you can bet this is the real deal.  Take a tour of the brewery and have a meal at its excellent restaurant during your visit.

Beautiful Autumn Landscape with Veveri Castle. Natural colorful scenery with sunset. Brno dam-Czech Republic-Europe.

Where is your next stop on your Europe road trip? Let us help you plan!

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