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Plan a trip to Europe – 5 Best Cities in the Netherlands for the Solo Traveler

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A major advantage that solo travelers have when they set out to plan a trip to Europe is that they are not tied down by what anyone else wants to do. The Netherlands has always been popular for solo travelers – it’s a classic for a reason! Something many travelers keep in mind these days is the impact on the environment that their travels leaves. One country where you don’t need to worry about that is the Netherlands! The Netherlands has a well earned reputation as a country making great strides on the environmental front.

The old city at sunset, Amsterdam

Popular itinerary in Netherlands:


As a solo traveler trying to plan a trip to Europe, Amsterdam is a must! It is a city with tons to do, both day and night! Home to countless world renowned museums, you could spend weeks just exploring them. Pay a visit to Museumplein for some of Amsterdam’s most famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum. Make sure to make time for some of Amsterdam’s more “offbeat” museums such as the Kattenkabinet, a canal house-turned-cat museum by Bob Meijer in honor of his dead cat.

Consider renting a bike, as it is an extremely popular mode of transport in this environmentally conscious city. If you’re really a green freak, take a trip to Krommenie, just on the outskirts of Amsterdam, to see their innovative successful SolaRoad, whose riders generate electric power!

You won’t want to spend all of your times indoors though. Make time to explore the city, get lost wandering the winding streets and canals, admire the historic architecture, and simply take in the sights. There are also tons of gorgeous parks to where you can bring some delicious Dutch treats and enjoy the scenery. There is also a great museum dedicated to florescent art, Electric Ladyland.

At night you can enjoy a huge variety of pubs, bars, and nightclubs. If that isn’t your scene or you’re looking for a more tame evening, many museums have galleries and test out new exhibits at night!

Old brick bell tower and bridge, Amsterdam


Because most of Rotterdam was destroyed during WWII, it is almost an entirely new city. Its architecture is modern and edgy, as is its art scene. Walks along the canals offer gorgeous views of impressive architecture, and you can stumble upon some unknown artistic gems.

With a long maritime history, Rotterdam is still one of Europe’s most significant ports. Explore local maritime history and heritage with a visit to the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam.

Plus if you think you left Dutch nightlife behind in Amsterdam, you are mistaken! If you have great nightlife in mind when you decide to plan a trip to Europe, make sure to keep this awesome Dutch city in mind. Rotterdam is known for its modern, trendy bars and clubs, offering a unique nightlife experience.

The city center in the evening, Rotterdam


Dating back to Roman times, Maastricht is known worldwide for its rich history and unique charm. From historic buildings to winding narrow streets, lively squares, and sprawling parks, this city is simply a Dutch dream. Take a walk along the banks of the Meuse River, with museums, parks, promenades, and some lovely bridges along the way. Some of Maastricht’s city walls still stand today, with portions dating to the 13th Century.

In addition to its rich history, Maastricht is second only to Amsterdam in The Netherlands’ art scene. You can find every type of art here – from traditional museums such as the Bonnefanten Museum, to contemporary galleries and experimental art media, Maastricht has it all. When an art lover sets out to plan a trip to Europe, Masstricht should be at the top of their list! If you’re considering a trip in the spring, make sure to go to the Tefaf Art and Antiques Fair, hosted in Maastricht every April.

Historic Town Hall of the city Maastricht
The old town of Maastricht

The Hague

The Dutch seat of government and home to the UN’s International Court of Justice, the Hague (or Den Haag) is home to an array of fabulous architecture and monuments. The city originated around the “Inner Court” or Binnenhof, which dates to the 13th Century.  It is still largely considered The Hague’s cultural center, and its streets and squares are lined with historic landmarks, museums, theaters, and opera houses. Make sure to pay a visit to Vermeer’s iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring at the gorgeous Mauritshuis, picturesquely situated on the Hofvijver pond.

Hall of the Knights in Inner Court of Binnenhof, The Hague


As one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities, Utrecht offers a vast wealth of historic and cultural attractions. Gorgeous canals weave their way through this iconic city, winding past colorful old houses and buildings. This city is perfect for all architecture enthusiasts looking to get an authentic feel of traditional Dutch architecture. Utrecht has been the Dutch clerical center since the 8th Century!

Thanks to its thriving local university, Utrecht is a great destination for solo travelers. With a mix of local and international students, the young population of Utrecht is always looking for a good time. In terms of nightlife, different neighborhoods are known for different things. The Neude neighborhood is popular among students and solo travelers for its laid back pub scene and affordable beer. Hipper bars and hotter clubs can be found in different parts of the city.

The most famous canals and embankments of Utrecht city during sunset. General view of the cityscape and traditional Netherlands architecture.

Would you like to plan a trip to Europe? How many of these cities do you plan to visit? Let us know!

Old windmills in Kinderdijk
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