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5 Most Hipster Cities in Europe

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Routeperfect’s guide to the 5 most hipster cities in Europe

Europe is home to many countries, and each one with a distinctive lifestyle, cultural identity, and history to explore. Still, there are those of us who crave something past the more common tourist stops. Those familiar with hipster culture will tend to seek out particular areas of larger cities in order to find new and exciting food, stores, and experiences. If you’re looking for something different, you don’t need to go to the most hipster cities in the world. Europe’s most-visited cities all have trendy hip neighborhoods just waiting to be explored. Luckily for you, we’ve mapped out the most hipster cities in Europe.

5 Top Most Hipster Cities in Europe

Check out these hipster neighborhoods around Europe:

  • Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam
  • Brick Lane, London
  • Garcia, Barcelona
  • Sodermalm, Stockholm

Popular itinerary from Sweden to Spain:

Berlin Hipster Guide

Berlin is definitely one of the most hipster cities in Europe. Once you’ve had your fill of learning about the city’s extensive history and you’re searching for alternative things to do in Berlin, check out Kreuzberg. The neighborhood of Kreuzberg was once considered the poorest in the city, but it has now turned into a youthful area full of hip bars, restaurants, and galleries. Oranienstrasse is a road that runs through Kreuzberg and is the perfect place to get inspired by the city’s hipster fashion. Lining the streets are unique shops and quirky art museums, and at night it is one of the best places to go for cools bars in Berlin. Also be sure to check out the East Side Gallery, a stretch of the remaining Berlin wall decorated with influential paintings by over 100 international artists.

Kreuzberg neighborhood, Berlin

Learn more about Hipster Places in Berlin!

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Amsterdam Hipster Guide

Amsterdam, another one of Europe’s most hipster cities, Amsterdam, is known by many for its coffeeshops, red light district, and series of canals. If you’re seeking to experience the hipster Amsterdam, we suggest leaving the touristy city center and heading to Amsterdam Noord. Take the free ferry leaving from behind the central train station. This up-and-coming vibrant neighborhood is known for its artistic youthful atmosphere. Here you’ll find restaurants built into shipping containers, interesting architecture, and unique street art. Once stepping off the ferry, it’s hard not to notice A’DAM Toren. The 22 story tower by the water that contains nightclubs, bars, hotel rooms, and a revolving restaurant at its top.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

London Hipster Guide

There is no shortage of hipster London neighborhoods to explore. Each of the city’s neighborhoods has something unique to offer, but one of the tried-and-true hipster places in London is undeniably Brick Lane. Originally home to the local Indian community, Brick Lane became one of the city’s hip hangouts. These days, you’ll find a lot more than just amazing Indian cuisine. There is an abundance of street art to enjoy, or you can head indoors to one of the galleries. For one of the best hipster areas in London, wander through the Old Truman Brewery, once the oldest brewery in the world. Here you’ll find a selection of vintage shops, micro-breweries, and wine merchants.

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Street art Brick Lane, London

Barcelona Hipster Guide

Visitors flock to Barcelona for its unique architecture, beautiful beaches, and delicious Spanish food. After a full day of wandering down Las Ramblas and gawking at Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, you might be wondering where all the cool bars in Barcelona are. The trendy Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona is definitely the place to check out. The area is known for its artistic and bohemian vibe, and is among the most multicultural areas in the city. Find young locals relaxing in Placa del Sol, a plaza lined with terraces and some of the best hipster bars in Barcelona.

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Decorated streets of Gracia district, Barcelona, Spain

Stockholm Hipster Guide

The beautiful Swedish capital is one of Europe’s most elegant metropolises. Built upon an archipelago of small islands and fjords, the city boasts some stunning architecture, parks and surrounding nature. Hipsters in Stockholm flock to the Sodermalm area, where you’ll find some of the trendiest retro stores and barber shops in towns. If you’re looking for cool bars in Stockholm, this is also the perfect area to explore. The area around Mariatorget park is a popular hangout spot. Spend an afternoon on any of the restaurant terraces by the square and watch people go by, or browse the shops that line the streets.

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Night view Sodermalm, Stockholm

Pack your bags and our handy hipster guide to Europe, and you’re ready to explore the coolest up-and-coming neighborhoods in the hottest cities! Even cooler? Save time and money by booking all your hotels at once with our trip planner!

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