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How to Plan a Trip with Routeperfect

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Planning your Perfect Trip: How to Plan a Trip with Routeperfect

Where to begin?

Going on a trip is always exciting, but what is the best way to ensure that you make the most of every moment of your trip? Plan, plan plan! Your trip will be so much better if you have all of the details worked out before you go. Planning can be really difficult when you don’t have the right tools. This process can be overwhelming and you may find yourself thinking, “can’t someone plan my trip for me?” Routeperfect makes the planning process so easy – all you need is an idea of where you want to begin and end your trip. We make figuring out the rest easy and enjoyable. Get to know Routeperfect’s trip planning tool, and learn how to plan a trip with Routeperfect.

Let’s get started!

Start at the homepage, where you indicate where you plan to start and finish your trip, the length, and type.

how to plan a trip
Routeperfect homepage London-Munich

Plan my trip for me!

Now that you have put in your details, we really get into the fun part of the planning. Just press “show me my trip” and the website will bring you to the Trip Planner page. Play with the sliders, and Routeperfect will essentially plan your trip for you.

how to plan a trip
Trip planner map – sliders

See that arrow? It is pointing to one of Routeperfect’s coolest features. Instead of spending hours researching where the best beaches, nightlife, and food are between London and Munich, you simply indicate your preferences on the sliders and Routeperfect will adjust your trip planner map to add travel destinations that have what you are looking for.

how to plan a trip
London-Munich adjusted trip planner map

As you can see, the sliders have been adjusted to give preference to nature and great food. The trip planner map and destinations on the right were automatically adjusted to include destinations that are strong in those areas. The planner also indicates how long it takes to get from one destination to another, and maps out the optimal route.

Discover new places to go on vacation! Scroll down to find out more

Scroll down the trip planner page to find out a bit about each location. We have a brief summary about each destination, accompanied by a slideshow of things to do there, as well as how long it takes to drive from this destination to the following one – all of the details you need in one place.  The slideshow suggests both attractions within the city, as well as day trips, accompanied by a short line about it and an image. Scroll through the slideshow to find out what there is to do in each place.

how to plan a trip
Learn more about the destinations on your itinerary

Fine tune your trip

After checking out each destination and what there is to do there, you might find that there are some that you don’t like. You may also really like a couple, but want to tweak the sliders a bit and don’t want to lose the destinations that you like. What do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

how to plan a trip
Fine tune your trip

Look at Stuttgart, Germany – see the icons that come up when you hover over a destination? Let’s explore them –

Lock: You want to play with the sliders, but you don’t want to lose Stuttgart from your itinerary. Simply press the lock icon, and that keeps that destination in your trip.

Trash: Press the trash bin to remove Stuttgart from your trip.

Once you remove it, Routeperfect will give you another suggestion for where to travel. 

How easy was that?

Congratulations, you now have your trip itinerary! With Routeperfect, you don’t even need to know how to plan a trip yourself – we make it easy for you. RoutePerfect helps you to do all of your planning and research, discovering new places, and perfecting the best route for you to take. There are so many places to travel in the world and beautiful vacation spots – where will you be taking your next trip?

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