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Where the Vikings Walked: A Viking Tour of Scandinavia

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Take this viking tour to walk in the footsteps of the past!

The current trend of viking culture is very different from the relationship vikings had with the world beyond in the past. Once upon a time, they were a source of terror for other cultures. Today, their seemingly fearless and dominant personality has earned them widespread interest and a leading role in entertainment. People of all ages are likely to have seen popular viking images in films, video games, and more. We can’t lie – we’re interested as well! That’s why we made this viking tour of Scandinavia, the region which hosted so much of their history. 


The word viking itself holds some common misconception. Though commonly used to refer to an entire culture, it doesn’t actually refer to everyone within it. Only the warriors who were tasked with exploring and raiding other towns were given this title during the viking age. As the historian Patrick Goodness once said, “All vikings were Norsemen, but not all Norsemen were vikings.” That’s why we’ve decided the best way to understand this culture is to take our viking tour around places they called home. 

Seafront on the sunset with Viking ship - viking tour
Seafront on the sunset with Viking ship

Bork Vikinghavn

Welcome to Bork Vikinghavn! Here is a small simulation of a viking town. Bork Vikinghavn is seated strategically next to a harbor, as many such villages were. You won’t only see and learn about their lifestyle here, though; you’ll also have the opportunity to walk in their shoes, wear their clothes, and cook their food! 

Traditional old Viking Age house hut in Bork village, Denmark. viking tour
Traditional old Viking Age house hut in Bork village, Denmark

Ribe Viking Center

Ribe is the oldest town in all of Denmark, dating all the way back to the 8th century. It’s just a bonus that it also has a thriving viking center! The people of Ribe are so connected to their historical roots that they have reconstructed a viking age town, and have actors portraying their everyday ways of life. Make sure to see the Ribe Viking Museum during your visit. 

the medieval village of Ribe in Denmark viking tour
The medieval village of Ribe, Denmark


viking museum in ribe (denmark) viking tour
Viking museum in Ribe, Denmark


Arsunda is an area best known for its locally sourced iron. A lesser known attraction is the recreated viking farm, Årsjögård. The iron resources no doubt contributed to the livelihood of viking tribes and made this an ideal place to settle. This is most likely why the locals here have constructed a settlement reminiscent of their culture as long as 1000 years ago.

authentic restored viking helmet under the high midday sun. viking tour
Authentic restored viking helmet

Gerlev Legepark

Did someone say sports? Keep your hometown jerseys off, because you won’t have a team to root for here. Vikings loved to compete for displays of strength and skill just like athletes do today, and the locals also loved to be entertained. Gerlev Legepark has built a viking sports arena to give these games of old a try, and invite you to come play. Whether it’s crossing narrow poles or throwing boots, you’ll see how these warriors showed off in their free time. If you’re looking for fun on your Viking tour, Gerlev Legepark is a MUST.

GERLEV LEGEPARK - right from site viking tour
Gerlev Legepark –


As you may have heard, runestones are still standing today which bear old messages of these cultures in their native alphabets. Without a doubt, the largest count of preserved runestones is in Runriket. Many different cultural phases that passed during the viking age are memorialized here, including tribal shifts in power, notable travels, and exposure to other cultures. One of the most important changes vikings saw was a gradual conversion to Christianity led by one tribal king. External powers grew in influence over the development of modern-day Scandinavia after this king chose to be baptized. Soak up all the information this area has to offer with a viking tour by bike, car, or public transport.

Rune stone in Sweden. Carved a thousand years ago by vikings. viking tour
Rune stone in Sweden

Kongernes Jelling

While Runriket boasts the largest amount of runestones, Jelling is where two of the most notable and informative – not to mention the largest – stones have been preserved. These stones in particular have important inscriptions which correlate with well-known Danish history. Written here are some of the oldest accounts of the name Denmark, which is why they are thought to be connected to the nation’s founding! We also know when and by whom the Jelling stones were built, but you’ll have to visit them yourself to find out these details. Since the stones have been in the outdoors for nearly one thousand years, natural weather cycles are beginning to take a toll on their preservation.

the church of Jelling and its runic stones in Jutland, , Denmark. viking tour
The church of Jelling and its runic stones in Jutland, Denmark

Viking Ship Museum Oslo 

Vikings are notorious for their sneaky, strategic, and often savage raids on foreign villages. Their ability to travel quietly and appear suddenly in unfamiliar and far away lands has been marvelled at for as long as they’ve existed by most cultures they came into contact with. If you’re wondering how they were able to master this method, look no further than the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Ships were a secret weapon of the vikings, allowing them stealthy navigation through difficult waters. This museum is located in one of Scandinavia’s major cities, Oslo, making it easy to access and close to many other attractions. 

viking boat - viking tour
Viking boat

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Vikingaliv is a new museum taking a revolutionary approach to educating visitors about viking heritage. This museum perfectly incorporates different elements of the viking age to create the ultimate viking experience. There are artifacts of viking materials paired with expert analyses and fun practices to enjoy. The activities are designed for people of all ages. Located in Stockholm and close to many other viking sites nearby, this is one stop you cannot miss on your tour.

Vikingaliv - by Carol Kent viking tour
Vikingaliv – by Carol Kent

The great story of the Norsemen and their vikings has been kept alive in Scandinavia in many ways. The viking mystery that plagued its neighbors for so long has been solved. Although the societies, cities, and politics here have progressed with modern times, the culture has held onto its older ties to nature from the viking age. Go get ready for one of the most epic, interesting, and beautiful trips you’ll ever take!

Red-haired woman is a Viking. Against the backdrop of a village or an ancient settlement. In the hands of a sword. viking tour

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