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Top Destinations for your trip to Sweden as chosen by Routeperfect users!

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Home to the Nobel Prize, world renowned museums and universities, charming fishing villages, Arctic nature, the Northern Lights, ancient Sami culture, lively Midsummer festivities, (and so much more!) Sweden is the perfect place for a vacation. Learn more about the Land of the Midnight Sun and plan your trip to Sweden today!

Apartment buildings and housing along the water of Gothenburg harbor, Sweden, Europe

Stockholm – the first stop on your trip to Sweden

Sweden’s colourful capital is known world-wide as the home of the Nobel Prize! Feel like a Nobel laureate when you visit Stockholm: Take a tour of City Hall where the Nobel banquet is held, visit the Nobel Museum, and walk the paths of countless scientists and leaders on your trip to Sweden! Make sure to thoroughly explore the Old Town, the excellent museums, and make sure take a fika break with some delicious local pastries and the coffee that Swedes pride themselves on. For more of a small-town, maritime experience, make sure to visit at least one of Stockholm’s archipelago’s 30,000 islands and islets.

View of The Old Town, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Gothenburg – Sweden’s second largest city

Although Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, it boasts a remarkable charm which comes from the wealth of traditional villages within surrounding Gothenburg Archipelago. For a unique view of Gothenburg, rent a kayak and explore the river that runs through the city and canals that connect to the surrounding islands. This city is perfect for visitors who want to have a great mix of museums, culture, cuisine, and nightlife of a big city, with close access to authentic Swedish small town charm and breathtaking nature.

A classic view of Fiskekyrka (indoor fish market) located in Gothenburg

Malmo – just over the bridge from Denmark!

Connected to Copenhagen by the Oresund Bridge, Malmo is a mix of Swedish and Danish influences. Even the dialect of Swedish spoken in Malmo is considered to be heavily influenced by Danish. Get a taste of the mix of cultures in Scandinavia on your visit to this unique city. Although the two countries exist in harmony today, they have come from a long and turbulent history. Visitors can learn more about it with a visit to Sweden’s oldest Renaissance castle, Malmöhus, which was destroyed during wars with the Danes. This fascinating city is also home to an array of museums, art galleries, and striking modern architecture such as the Turning Torso Tower.

Malmo Castle or Malmohus slott in Malmo, Southern Sweden, Scandinavia

Visby – gateway to Gotland

Situated on the secluded Gotland Island, this coastal port city dates back to the Middle Ages. Get a feel for Visby’s rich history by walking along the Ringmuren, the two mile long medieval stone walls that surround the town. While enjoying the medieval architecture and charming cafes, explore the rest of the island. Make sure to visit the Rauks, the giant natural limestone pillars that decorate the coastline. Learn about Sweden’s Viking heritage with a visit to 10th Century Tofta Viking Village. Here you can learn to bake bread, use Viking weapons, try your hand at archery, and learn about Viking traditions and culture.

Visby Medieval citywall

Umea – major metropolis of the north

The university city of Umea is Sweden’s fastest growing city and is home to a wealth of excellent museums and rich culture. Learn about local culture in the Västerbottens Regional Museum, music lovers must check out Guitars, a museum dedicated to the history and production of all different types of guitars. If you like art, you must visit the contemporary Bildmuseet. Umea is also situated on the beautiful coast and near several nature reserves, where you can explore the unique landscapes of the subarctic.

The Town House in Umea, Sweden with clouds in the background.

Kiruna – Swedish Lapland

Visit Swedish Lapland with a trip to Kiruna, one of the wolrd’s northernmost settlements. Get to know ancient Sami culture, sleep in an igloo, ride a dog-sled, pet a reindeer, see the Northern Lights, and have authentic Arctic experience! A visit to Kiruna is truly a once in a lifetime experience, so make the most of your time here.

Tornestrask, Sweden A snowy and Arctic landscape over the Tornetrask lake in springtime and a small cabin.

Lund – over 1,000 years of history

With over 1,000 years of history, Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. It boasts a beautifully preserved Old Town and is home to one of Sweden’s most prestigious universities. Truly get to know local culture and history with a visit to Kulturen, a museum that covers two blocks of houses and gardens, exhibiting artifacts from medieval life up to the 1930s. Lund is also home to several science museums, excellent art galleries, exceptional history museums, and a wealth of lovely medieval architecture.

Lund, Sweden – July 2021: Lund Cathedral and bell tower building in central Lund on a summer day, Sweden, south of Lund Cathedral in Skane.

Abisko – arctic nature

Home to the breathtaking Abisko National Park and adjacent to the beautiful Lapporten Valley, Abisko has no shortage of stunning scenery. Due to its dry climate, it is an extremely popular destination for seeing the Northern Lights in the winter, as well as for hiking well into the night with light from the Midnight Sun in the summer!

Landscape of Abisko National Park, Sweden

What do you most want to see on your trip to Sweden? Let us know in the comments below!

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