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A Vegetarian Holiday in Europe 2018 Guide

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Being vegetarian or vegan is more than just a personal choice. It’s a belief system and a lifestyle. While no one should worry about meeting their needs as a vegetarian, the challenge goes beyond just finding the right meal. Everyday life for vegetarians and vegans comes with unique requirements. But, having a thriving community and lots of local options makes being a vegetarian much easier. Being around so many restaurants and other individuals who don’t share your heartfelt beliefs can be a challenge. And a tiring one at that! Now imagine trying to do it all in a place you’ve never been before in language you don’t speak! This is why we’ve put together this guide to a vegetarian itinerary in Europe.

We want to give you some travel options that will reduce as many of these challenges for you as possible. Travel to Europe because is the best place to start from! For our vegetarians who want to travel off the beaten path, we haven’t forgotten about you either. You’ll find a wide variety of destinations – large and small, central and more remote – that cater to vegetarians in our vegetarian holiday in Europe. These are also often the best spots in town to mingle with local vegetarians. Talking to the locals is a sure way to get inspiration for new projects you can try back home.

Popular itinerary – 14-day Vegetarian Dream Trip:


Berlin is famous as home to a diverse range of activist communities. Animal rights are high on the list of priorities among Berliners. But the city goes beyond offering good vegetarian dining options. With popular urban farming projects as well as totally-vegan grocery stores, it’s obvious that Berlin is a must for any vegetarian holiday in Europe. Another fun fact: the German beer purity law Reinheitsgebot is inherently vegan, so long as the ingredients come from animal-friendly sources. Here are some recommended veg-friendly stops.

Berlin city center near Alexanderplatz


 Calling All Vegetarians and mostly London, of course! Although Berlin has the spotlight for vegan/vegetarian food, London actually boasts more veg-friendly restaurants than any major city in Europe. It’s another must for your vegetarian holiday in Europe. London is home to some of the largest and most diverse communities from around the world. You can find veggie versions of almost any kind of traditional cuisine on your UK trip ! Check out these recommended spots.

Big Ben and Westminster bridge in London


Infinitely more famous for carnivores, Warsaw is rising in the vegetarian spotlight. It should not be missed by travellers trying to maintain their meal morals. Definitely try to include it in your vegetarian holiday in Europe. A wonderland in winter with sunny (but not sweaty) riverbeds in summer, Warsaw is a breathtakingly underrated city. Today its vegetarian community is stronger than ever and offers veggie versions of Polish cuisine you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Here are the city’s official suggestions.

Warsaw Oldtown


Budapest is another city thought to be lacking anything green in its cuisine. Nowadays Budapest is ready to host vegetarians all around the city but for some reason it’s not yet recognised as such. We’re here to insist you don’t skip this exquisite city so we’ve included it in our vegetarian guide to Europe. If you’re worried about what to eat here’s the low down on where to go in this beautiful city.

Budapest, Hungary – The famous Fisherman’s Bastion at sunrise with statue of King Stephen I and Parliament of Hungary at background


The last, but certainly not least, destination misunderstood as unfriendly towards vegetarians and vegans is Madrid. The diverse population in London has largely held onto strong traditional cuisines within their own communities. In contrast, Spain has incorporated vast cultural influence. It’s blossoming with flavours from all around the world. Madrid is considered the hub of vegetarian eats that uphold so many of Spain’s unique tastes. Check it out!

Madrid city skyline gran via street twilight , Spain

We really hope you find this helpful and we’d love to hear your recommendations for a vegetarians holiday in Europe. Please add in any tips from your touring plans in the comments below.

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