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What Type Of Traveller Are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of traveler you are? The trip planner or the spontaneous? Are you The Local of The Tourist? The Backpacker or do you just tag along! The Fashionista or the Foodie?…. Take our quiz to find out – it’s quick and great fun! – Explore…

The 10 Most Magical Towns in Norway

Norway’s natural beauty is simply otherworldly. It is so overwhelmingly breathtaking and awe-inspiring that it may at times feel like a dream – picture glorious fjords, spectacular mountains, and lush green forests. There are some exciting and cosmopolitan big cities in Norway, as well as a fair share of charming,…

Top 5 Vineyards to Visit on your Holiday in Italy!

If we had to choose only one reason to take a holiday in Italy, let it be the fact that the country is home to some of the most incredible vineyards in the world! Whether that is the sole purpose of your trip or is it among several, be sure not…

The Balkans – Explore The 8 Most Magical Balkan Countries!

Can you keep a secret? The Balkan Peninsula has yet to be overrun by tourists, but not for long! The breathtaking natural beauty, the rich history and culture, and the picturesque old towns, The Balkan countries are quickly becoming the hottest (and most affordable) travel destination you have yet to…

The Best 5 Restaurants In Barcelona!

So, you’ve made the right decision to travel to Barcelona as it’s a must in all the best itineraries for Spain that we can think of and definitely in the top ten cities to visit if you plan a European trip! People around you will try to confuse you. They will tell you…

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