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The 10 Most Magical Small Towns in Norway

By on June 8, 2016

Norway’s natural beauty is simply outworldly. It is so overwhelmingly breathtaking and awe-inspiring it may sometimes feel like a dream. Glorious fjords, spectacular mountains and lush green forests. Besides being home to some exciting and cosmopolitan big cities, Norway also has a fair share of charming, quaint small towns, filled with character and tradition, and surrounded by magical nature. So, let’s explore Norway’s 10 most magical small towns!

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Lillehammer – This town might be small in size, but it is the place to go if you are looking for an adventure! Lillehammer hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and offers tons of fun activities like skiing, hiking, cycling or horseback riding.

Alesund – After being demolished by fire in the 19th century, this quaint town rebuilt itself and became one of Norway’s most charming and beautiful towns. Known for its Art Nouveau architecture, Alesund boasts colorful houses and is stretched over 7 little islands, surrounded by clear waters.

#Alesund #Norway #smalltowns

Alesund, Norway

Geiranger – This tiny village is sat atop the breathtaking and legendry Geiranger fjord. Stunning crystal blue waters, majestic and steep mountains and gushing waterfalls create the quintessential Norwegian experience.

#Geiranger #Norway #smalltowns

Geiranger, Norway

Undredal – A tranquil and quaint little village tucked between enormous and majestic mountains and known for its traditional brown goat cheese.

Flam – The fjord village of Flam is a remarkable destination. Take the Flam railway for what is known as the best train journey in the world. It is mind blowing beautiful. You will be able to see the most magnificent scenery in the world. You can also take a boat ride from Flam, where you will be sailing through the spectacular fjords and surrounded by waterfalls.

#flam #norway #fjord #village

Flam , Norway

Bergen – We know, Bergen is hardly a small town, but it holds the charm and magic of one! This enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its pastel colored wooden houses, and winding cobbled streets, resting against the stunning backdrop of fjords, mountains, and waterfalls.

#Bergen #Village #norway

Bergen, Village

Skudeneshavn – has one of the most beautifully preserved old towns in Europe. This little town boasts about 130 white wooden houses that were built in the 19th century. The striking white color sparkles in the winter’s sun and gives the town an idyllic and serene atmosphere.

#Skudeneshavn #Norway

Skudeneshavn, Norway

Longyearbyen – This small town holds the title for the world’s northernmost settling. The small and colorful houses shine in green, red and orange against the dramatic backdrop of snowy mountains and flat valley.

#Longyearbyen #Norway #village #smalltowns

Longyearbyen, Norway

Reine – Despite its tiny size, Reine is a huge tourist attraction. The reason? It is simply awe inspiring. Reine is stunningly beautiful and looks just like a postcard. This tiny village is surrounded by deep blue waters, lush green hills and tremendous snowy mountains that tower over the colorful houses.

#Reine #Norway #village #smalltown

Reine, Norway

Tromso – Are you ready for a life changing experience? Located inside the Arctic Circle, Tromso is considered one of the best places to view the northern lights. Here you can watch the sky light up with bright green, purple and blue, and also enjoy the amazing scenery of fjords and forests that surrounds the town.

#Tromso #Norway #village #northernlights

Tromso , Norway

#Fjord #Norway

Fjord, Norway

#norway #village

#norway #village

#norway #village #smalltowns

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