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Eurotrip – The Magic Of Prague, Vienna & Budapest

By on March 9, 2016

Prague, Vienna and Budapest embody Central Europe’s beauty and majesty, and are perfect destinations for a road trip planner with stops!These stunning and historic capital cities will captivate your imagination and make you feel in awe of the rich culture and centuries-old traditions. Are you ready to see Prague’s breathtaking beauty, Vienna’s vibrant energy and Budapest’s Art Nouvoeau, larger than life architecture? If so, let’s go!

Prague– Let’s start out by saying, Prague’s beauty is straight out of a fairy tale. This UNESCO monument is pure magic, with breathtaking authentic architecture, castles, picturesque bridges and cathedrals and charming cobbled streets with little cafes.
Local attractions
Visit the Jewish Ghetto and see the magical old Jewish Cemetery and the stunning Spanish Synagogue.
Check out the majestic Prague Castle which is the largest castle complex in the world.
Don’t forget Prague’s Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. It is a must see!
A day tripCesky Krumlov is located on the Vltava River banks and is a charming medieval town built around a beautiful castle. This preserved town has little alleys, medieval pubs and renaissance architecture. It is well worth the trip!
“Like a local” tip– try to avoid the lunchtime rush hour between 12:00- 14:00! Eat your lunch before or after so you can enjoy your meal without having to push your way through a busy line.

#Prague #Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna Austria’s capital is known for its picturesque baroque architecture and vibrant atmosphere. The city is mostly known for its remarkable influence on the music world, having some of the world’s greatest composers like Beethoven and Mozart come from Vienna and for its most famous citizen- Freud. The cozy coffee houses, magnificent buildings and blossoming gardens create a city both historic and modern and fantastic to visit.
Local attractions
Schonbrunn Palace is a sight to behold. The palace is a majestic work of art and also has breathtaking gardens with a maze and even a children’s museum.
Take a leisurely stroll through Stadtpark and check out the incredible monuments and sculptures of Vienna’s most famous composers.
Visit Museumsquartier to experience the town’s art center, museums, galleries and amazing baroque architecture.
A day trip– visit Salzburg for “The Sound of Music” tour, where you can follow the footsteps of the where the world famous movie was filmed.
“like a local” tip– eat! Vienna is known for its delicious and scrumptious food – visit Hotel Sacher for the legendry and original Sacher – Torte, sit down at Cafe Prueckel for an authentic local experience and the best Wiener Schnitzel or try some warm apple strudel. You won’t regret it!

#Vienna #Austria

Vienna, Austria

BudapestHungary‘s capital is one of Europe’s most romantic and beautiful cities. This historic city has two sides, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River. The two sides of the city bring history and novelty together, all while maintaining the city’s regal nature.
Local attractions
Buda Castle is an awe inspiring palace, first completed at 1265. This magnificent complex also hosts two major museums and offers a breathtaking view to the Danube.
Take a guided tour to Budapest Parliament to see a fascinating display of Hungary’s history and a mix of Neo-Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.
Visit the world renowned Matthias Church. The Matthias Church Choir and Orchestra is one of the oldest music companies in Hungary, operating continuously from 1688. We’re talking traditional Anglican Church music, and the experience is divine, no pun intended.
A day trip – visit Etyek wine region where you will visit local winemakers, taste wonderful local wine and eat a delicious traditional Hungarian meal.
“like a local” tip – Hugary is known for its amazing thermal springs, and Budapest boasts some of the country’s best thermal spas. Check out Széchenyi Baths to visit Europe’s largest medicinal bath!

#Budapest #Parliment #Hungary

Budapest Parliment, Hungary

#Prague #Christmas #Market

Prague Christmas Market

#Vienna #Town #Hall

Vienna Town Hall

#Buda #Castle #Budapest

Buda Castle, Budapest


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