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Boaz Lantsman CEO & Co-Founder

Boaz, an avid traveler, has explored over 40 countries, and his list continues to grow. Don’t get too jealous, but his son had already explored eight countries before he was four years old! The travel bug sure seems to run in the family. The idea behind RoutePerfect occurred to Boaz while he was struggling to plan a family trip across Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. What were the Croats thinking when they put Dubrovnik so far out of the way? Prior to the founding of RoutePerfect, Boaz, an INSEAD Business Major, ran a consulting firm and held senior executive positions in several technological companies.

Boaz's dream trip:

Italian Romance

"This is the actual trip Boaz and his wife took on their honeymoon!"

Alex Olifirenco Head of Development

As a kid, Alex always wanted to see the world and learn new languages, but over the years and for various reasons such as time, budget or relocation, he was unable to make this dream come true. Nowadays, you can find Alex in line to renew his passport, it was so maxed-out border control said they had nowhere to stamp it! He managed, in very little time, to visit almost every country in Europe. Alex studied computer engineering in the Technical University of Moldova. After graduation he started working for the Minister of Information Technologies of Moldova, while at the same time running his own company for website building, as well as lecturing about web science in the university he graduated from.

Alex's dream trip:

Italian 50th Birthday

"Alex took his mom on her dream vacation for her golden birthday."

Oren Ahr Head of Product

Oren is a proud father of five, yes, you heard correctly! As a true nature-loving free-spirit, he loves spending his free time cycling, practicing modern dance, and camping with his kids. How does he manage all of that? On your next Rainbow Gathering appearance, look around for this Rainbow veteran and ask him for his secret! Oren is a seasoned Product expert, previous SAP Labs Israel technology initiatives manager, partner with Tamir Fishman Ventures II and Checkpoint product manager.

Oren's dream trip:

Biking Ireland

"Oren’s dream is a solo excursion to Northern Ireland on a bike"

Omri Tubiana Head of Content

When Omri decided to take his first plane trip he was nearly 19. Although he’d already purchased his ticket, it was time to go and issue his very first passport. Later on, while stamping his passport in the airport, his friends asked, “Is this the first time you’re traveling abroad?” and he answered “Yes but how did you know?” It seems that Omri couldn’t hide his excitement, and in his first passport photo, he has a huge goofy smile! He still holds on to that passport as a memento. Omri’s eclectic nature drove him to major in Communications and International Relations, and so far he’s managed to work as VP operations for a national A-league soccer team, work for the HP R&D department, and own a nightclub!

Omri's dream trip:


"Omri wants to explore Germany's most fun cities."

Emanuell Harnik Head of Marketing

Emanuell’s first flight ever was when she was only six years old, and she fell in love instantly. Even today she still gets anxious and excited every time she boards the plane. Her favorite moment, she says, is just when you leave the ground and there’s a slight feeling of zero gravity, like you’re about to levitate. The love for wandering and exploring has driven Emanuell to learn Russian, then French, Spanish... and Portuguese! She now studies German online and considers it guten fortune that she got to combine her passion with her experience in the marketing management world as well as her Hispanic and Latin American studies.

Emanuell's dream trip:

Just one?

"Emanuell would sell a pinky to explore Spain for a month"

Risi Finkel Content Editor and Writer

Risi’s passion for travel was sparked as a kid, when instead of going to summer camp with other children her age, she traveled around Europe with her family. This love has only grown through the years, and since then she has taken every opportunity to see the world and get to know new cultures and traditions. We can vouch for her that she has kept her word. Here at RoutePerfect, Risi has the unique position to help others ignite their spark of love for travel using both her talent as gifted writer and her eclectic and worldly experiences that she has collected over the years.

Risi's dream trip:

A Week in Switzerland

"Risi’s surprise birthday trip"

Alex Gefter Developer

Alex was always quite the outdoorsman. As a kid he went camping in the forests around his childhood home in Belarus. Trekking and rock-climbing became a way to experience nature’s wonders and appreciate its awe-inspiring silence. Inspired by his work at RoutePerfect, he’s already planning his summer trip to Norway. Alex’s passion for computer science started in the fourth grade. He took courses in computer languages and created his first website by the time he reached high school. His teachers, victims to a student’s online practical joke, were not so fond of his playful initiative, but Alex kept going, studying computer engineering and working his way up the industry.

Alex's dream trip:

Portuguese adventure

"Alex hopes to one day take his future wife on this romantic trip."

Robyn Hall Customer Support

Traveling allows Robyn to combine her two favorite things: having fun and learning. Some lessons are harder than others, like what’s important to carry on with you, and what isn't - physically and mentally. She believes any lesson is fun when you get to visit new places and meet new people who speak, eat, dress, and often think differently than you do. Visiting those sites that are remnants of the past makes Robyn feel as though she gets to do the impossible: travel back in time! As a child, she crossed borders before she even knew what they were, and now she wants to cross them all, whether by plane, train, boat, car, or feet, she’s willing to get there however she can. Robyn is the friendly and keen to aid travel expert that you talk to on our live chat :)

Robyn's dream trip:

Cornerstones of Culture

"Robyn’s dream is to hit the cornerstones of the cultures that influenced her most"

Valerie Khaskin Content Editor and Writer

Valerie's traveling began with books. She had read her way through English countryside, to Mordor and back, up and down Carpathian mountains, into Narnia, and across wild German forests. So when the time has come to buy her first plane ticket, the decision was almost impossible to make. Since that first fateful trip across Great Britain, she has chased vampires in Eastern Europe, scoured for goblins in Austrian forests, swam with loreleis in the Adriatic Sea, chatted up domovois in Moscow, and much more. What about the future, you may ask? Well, the nearest future holds leprechauns and the perfect pint, but beyond that... Who knows? The world is vast and kind to vagabonds.

Valerie's dream trip:

Britain by herself!

"My first trip ever. A lonely traveler among Britain's best."

Jake Hanania Customer Support

Having gone to an international school along with all the other ambassadors’ kids, Jake has always been interested in traveling and experiencing different cultures. He went on to major in Political Science in university, with an emphasis in International Relations. Jake has already covered most of Europe in his travels and a handful of destinations across Africa and Asia. His fondest travel memories include climbing "Arthur's Seat" in Scotland and admiring the majestic Scottish landscape from the top, cycling his way through Berlin and Amsterdam, and visiting the "Game Of Thrones" set in Belfast. Jake is that warm-hearted expert that you talk to on our live chat!

Jake's dream trip:

Epic Eurotrip

"Jake’s epic Eurotrip he took right after finishing school"

Sofia Uspenskaya Developer

Sofia grew up in Russia, attending a local Moscow high-school. Her favorite school activity was school trips across Russia and Ukraine, extending for 2-3 weeks of hiking, nature and great historical monuments over the summer months. Sofia’s first flight was to visit Paris, France. She was bewitched by the architecture, clothing and exquisite fine arts by painters she could only dream of. While in Paris, her favorite thing to do was to stroll around the city streets and relax in small cafes, watching the people pass by. Sofia became interested in computer science and languages and went on to major in Intellectual Systems while working as a web developer, which allowed her to showcase her creativity and skills.

Sofia's dream trip:

European Tour

"Sofia dreams of touring Europe for a couple of weeks"

Elena Chaplygina Quality Assurance

Elena’s love for travel began as a child, but she only took her first trip abroad at age 20! The relaxing, sunny, colorful Andalusia Region of Spain stole her heart and sparked her desire to see more of the world. She promised herself to see as much of this big and beautiful world as she can. Since then, she has explored 25 countries along with friends and family, and she has no intention of slowing down. She is excited to be able to combine her professional talents with her passion for travel.

Elena's dream trip:

Spanish Holiday in the Sun

"Elena wants to return to Spain to see even more of this fabulous country"

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