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VoiceMap – Explore the World Your Way! With Routeperfect

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At, we believe that planning and booking your dream, customized trip – whether on your own, with your partner, family, or friends – should be a fun, exciting, and streamlined experience.

Using Routeperfect, the comprehensive trip planning tool, you’ll not only have access to ideas and options based on your personal travel preferences and the ability to book all of your accommodations, but, once you’re on the road, we’ll help you stay organized and explore your destinations in real time.

Imagine a walking tour guided by a fascinating podcast, produced by a constellation of insightful local storytellers and experienced tour guides, which is available offline yet moves along with you, has a GPS auto play feature enabling you to focus on your surroundings, and alerts you if you’ve wandered in the wrong direction – all at a fraction of the price of a personal tour guide and without the constraints of a group tour. Sound too good to be true?

Meet VoiceMap, the customized way of exploring destinations around the world.

VoiceMap’s walking tour apps, which can be downloaded in advance and used offline, offer authentic info and attention-grabbing stories while giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace, starting and stopping as you wish. You’ll automatically hear the right story at the right place, freeing you up to immerse yourself in the experience instead of being tied to your screen.

And no worries about getting lost – VoiceMap lets you know if you’ve gone off track and directs you via its map to the next location.

The cost? Well, Routeperfect gives its customers 2 VoiceMap tours of their first destination free of charge. After that, VoiceMap tours are available to Routeperfect customers at a special reduced price.

If you want to travel the world YOUR way, planning, organizing, and booking your personalized trip has never been easier with Routeperfect. Whether you’re looking for sea, sun, culture, or adventure – must-see attractions or off-the-beaten-track treasures – or some of each, Routeperfect, offering advanced trip planning tools, popular itineraries, and exclusive benefits, is your address. With the two free VoiceMap audio tours provided exclusively to Routeperfect customers, you’ll be off and walking at your own pace, with your destination coming to life.

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