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Top Destinations For Last Minute Summer Getaways For 2017

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Choose your last minute summer getaway!

Summer is officially here! Haven’t booked your vacation or planned your Europe itinerary yet? No problem! Browse our carefully compiled list to find the perfect last minute summer getaway for you!

Popular itinerary from France to Amsterdam:

1. France

The food. The museums. The architecture. The culture. The beaches! Need I say more? France has everything needed for the perfect last minute summer getaway. With a long coastline, there are so many options for different beaches to enjoy too! A vacation in France is everything needed for the perfect last minute summer getaway.

The French Coast – Cote d’Azur Palm Yacht

2. Albania

You already know about the French and Italian Rivieras, but what about the Albanian Riviera? More affordable and less crowded than France and Italy, you will enjoy pristine beaches, stunning views, great food, and better nightlife this summer in Albania.

Ksamil Beach, Albania

3. Germany

For a summer vacation, a trip to Germany is the whole package.  You already know that Germany is home to rich history and culture, trendy bars and restaurants, as well as breathtaking nature, but did you know that it is boasts some gorgeous beaches? No summer vacation is complete without some time in the sun, so get the best of everything in this awesome country.

Beach – chairs on the island Sylt vertical. Germany.

4. UK

With festivals, street markets, sunny countrysides, buzzing cities, and lively beaches, the UK is one of the best places to spend your summer! Be amazed by stunning scenery, such as the Lake District, relax at some of Wales’ magnificent beaches, hike through the Highlands of Scotland, and have a beer in Ireland!

Tenby Harbour, Wales

5. Cyprus

Greece’s more affordable cousin to the east, Cyprus has so much to offer! With no shortage of ancient sites and breathtaking beaches, Cyprus also boasts incredible nature, delicious food, and great nightlife!

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Cyprus
The Cyprus Coastline

6. Lithuania

Work your way through castles, national parks, beaches, and national parks on beaches in this awesome country! Make sure to sample the authentic local food – Lithuania’s delicious cuisine is one of its best kept secrets!

Aerial view of Trakai Island Castle, located in Trakai, Lithuania. Beautiful view from the above on summer sunset.

7. The Netherlands

Holland is in full bloom – it’s covered in flowers this time of year! Rent a bike and ride along the canals of Amsterdam, head to the countryside to see the iconic windmills and tulips, and enjoy the overall cheerful atmosphere.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

8. Switzerland

Many people think that Switzerland is just for winter sports. See the Alps in full bloom this summer, hike across glaciers while wearing tee shirts, and breathe in the fresh mountain air in the warm sunshine!

Alpbach Valley, Austria,Tirol

We hope this list encouraged you to book your summer getaway – it isn’t too late! Let us know where you decided to go.

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