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The Best Vacation for Summer 2019

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Summer is right around the corner and while we know it can be difficult and overwhelming to plan the perfect trip, we want to give you some inspiration to relieve some of the pressure when planning a multi city Europe trip. Whether you are looking to travel with friends, family, or solo, these next 5 countries are the perfect assortment of popular tourist and off the beaten path destinations for the best vacation for summer 2019.


A fairly new hotspot for tourists. Some of the most beautiful coastlines, stunning lakes, and delicious seafood, can be found in Croatia confirming that it should not go overlooked. With cities like Dubrovnik and Split along with the Krka National Park, dive into a unique culture and see something magical in every city you visit.


Whether it’s your first or your fifteenth time to the country, Italy will remain a travel favorite regardless. Every city in Italy feels like the world’s greatest outdoor museum. Find delicious foods from pizza, pasta, and gelato to rich coffee and excellent wine. There is no doubt you will be impressed as you walk through the winding streets of Florence, along the canals in Venice, the hillside of the Amalfi Coast, and the ancient ruins of Rome.

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Forests, volcanic-sand beaches, terraced rice paddies, mystical temples, and waterfalls can be found dotted throughout Indonesia. From cities like Bali, Lombok, Ubud, and Jakarta, there are so many cities to visit in the country. You will find some of the most jaw-dropping views around the world, there is no doubt you won’t be blown away.


Don’t underestimate the beauty of this country on the coast. Sprawled around the country are historic buildings, winding old towns, colorful buildings, hilly cobblestone streets, and some of the best lookout points. With not to miss cities like Lisbon and Porto that were built across hills, make sure you pack your good walking shoes.


One thing is for sure, France is not lacking in the categories of art, food, or culture. Go down to the South of France where you will find cities such as Nice, Marseille, and Aix-en-Provence that are situated around the coast and more popular household names. If you travel to the east of the country, you will find cities such as Annecy, Riquewihr, and Colmar where you will uncover enchanting, fairytale like villages. And of course, do not forget magical Paris, a city we will never get tired of singing its praises.

With so many places around the world, the best vacation for summer 2019 is right at your fingertips. For more inspiration on destinations around the world and to start planning, head to our trip planner and get going!

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