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The 7 Most Beautiful Islands in Italy!

By on July 28, 2016

Italy is full of picturesque islands that offer diverse scenery – white beaches, mountains, historic ruins and spectacular natural beauty. The Italian islands offer every visitor a taste of la dolce vita!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Italy and visit all these amazing spots!

Sicily – is the largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful ones. Capturing decades of history and culture, Sicily boasts some dazzling views. Arab domes, baroque architecture and Norman palaces all rest against a stunning backdrop of volcanoes, sparkling waters and lush meadows.

Taormina theater in Sicily, Italy

Taormina theater in Sicily, Italy

Sardinia – Sardinia is known for both its rich culture and history as well as for its pristine and idyllic beaches and clear water. The colors in Sardinia are bright and beautiful, the nightlife is fun and exciting and you can spend your days hiking, sunbathing or exploring the island.

Colourful houses, Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

Colourful houses, Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

Capri – This magical little island is glamourous as it is elegant. It boasts breathtaking landscapes, deep blue waters and chic cafes in pretty piazzas.

 Faraglioni cliffs and beach in Capri island,Italy

Faraglioni cliffs and beach in Capri island,Italy

Procida – This is the Bay of Naples’ tiniest island but it is big on charm. Lemon groves, pastel colored houses and narrow streets are all a part of this splendid island, as well as dining by the waterfront or resting on the beach.

The colorful marina in Procida, Italy

The colorful marina in Procida, Italy

Ischia – This rustic volcano island boasts breathtaking natural beauty. Ischia combines the old with the new – a charming castle alongside bars and boutiques. You can also enjoy the charming small villages, the beautiful gardens and picture perfect villas that fill this picturesque island.

A view of Sant'Angelo in Ischia island in Italy

A view of Sant’Angelo in Ischia island in Italy

Elba – This stunning island is the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago and is a true paradise full of clear blue water, green hills and beautiful beaches.

Elba island, Italy

Elba island, Italy

Lampedusa – One of Italy’s sunniest islands, which boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Lampedusa beach, Italy

Lampedusa beach, Italy

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  1. Reply

    Tèbra duPlessis

    July 29, 2016

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful destinations with us. My (our) next stop is next year in August – “sunrise concert” in Ravello.
    Kind regards

  2. Reply

    Giovanni Benvenuto

    November 30, 2016

    You have covered all the beautiful islands of Italy in this post. I like the Capri most.