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Car Lovers’ Dream: Planning a Trip to Italy

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Car Lovers’ Dream: Planning a Trip to Italy

Planning a trip to Italy is an absolute dream for car lovers! From classic Ferraris to outrageous Paganis, some of the world’s coolest cars originate in Italy. 


Start your trip in Rome, the Eternal City. Consider renting one of Italy’s iconic cars like a Lamborghini or a gorgeous Ferrari! You will turn heads as you zoom through narrow streets in your gorgeous luxury car. Admire the contrast of your modern vehicle, set alongside ancient monuments. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon, the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain, check out the must-see iconic attractions of the city, while sampling some of the world’s most delicious food!

No description is needed for one of the most famous touristic places in the world


Next, get into your luxury car and travel for about two and a half hours to beautiful Siena. Feel like you’ve traveled back to the 17C in this magnificent city, known for its colourful buildings, Gothic architecture, and wealth of art.   

Old street in medieval Siena, Tuscany

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is an absolute must for visitors to Italy! These five fishing villages are linked by a hiking trail. You may recognize them from postcards. These picturesque towns are quintessential coastal Italy. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the coastal road from the comfort of your luxury car, but make sure to stop and explore some of these beautiful villages.

View of Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy


Maranello, the Mecca of Ferrari lovers! This is at the top of any car lover’s list while planning a trip to Italy. Tour the Ferrari factory and museum, learning firsthand about the cars that you adore. Imagine rolling into Maranello, the home of the Ferrari, in a rented Ferrari. What could be more perfect?

Ferrari factory, Maranello


We know it will be hard to say goodbye to Maranello, but don’t fret – the next stop is like heaven on earth. Home to the stunning Lake Como, surrounded by the Alps, Bellagio is simply beautiful. If nature doesn’t scream “luxury” to you, bear with us – George and Amal Clooney live in a gorgeous villa on Lake Como!

Beautiful village Bellagio, Lake Como


Put your car’s abilities to the test with a trip up to Bormio. Drive up the winding roads of the Stelvio Pass into the mountains, taking in the beautiful Italian scenery and breathing in the fresh mountain air. A great place for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, enjoy luxury resorts in this beautiful mountaintop town.

Direction sign at ski resort in the Italian Alps, Valfurva, Bormio


The birthplace of Italian fashion, Florence is a must for those looking to go home with Italian apparel. Spend your time in this amazing city exploring world-class museums, admiring the beautifully preserved architecture, and sampling some of Italy’s finest food and wine.

Break from shopping next to Ponte Vecchio, Florence


Turin is a great place for car lovers when planning a trip to Italy! Home to both the Fiat factory and the more exotic Maserati, learn about the production of these iconic vehicles on their factory tours and museums.

planning a trip to Italy. a view aof Turin with a famous Mole Anttonelliana at a sunset
View of Mole Antonelliana and the city center, Turin


Another “must” when planning a trip to Italy, Modena is home to the Pagani factory, the Lamborghini museum, and a Maserati factory where you can take tours! Learn about the history and production of these Italian cars, and make sure to also explore this beautiful historic city, taking in the sights and sampling delicious Italian food and wine.

planning a trip to Italy. Modena, Emilia Romagna, Piazza Grande illuminated at sunset, with Cathedral Duomo and Ghirlandina Leaning Tower
Piazza Grande with Cathedral Duomo and Ghirlandina Leaning Tower, Modena

Finally, head back to Rome to return your car and catch your flight home. Goodbye Italy, you know we will be back using this great Italy trip planner we created.


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