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The top 10 romantic small towns to visit when planning a trip to France!

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Yes, we know – officially Paris is the city of light and love.. but outside of this bustling hub, when you’re planning a trip to France, you just can’t miss the charming and picturesque small towns that will make you feel like you are walking through a fairy tale. Join us as we explore France’s most romantic small towns as chosen by our Routeperfect travelers. We promise by the end of this post you will be gazing at the sunset, sipping champagne and singing La Vie en Rose!


Located in the Alsace region, the charming little medieval town of Riquewihr boasts lovely Renaissance wooden framed houses and little cobbled streets. Stroll along the magical colorful houses and the open plazas with vibrant flowers, and you feel like you are walking through a postcard of a traditional French village!

Our tip: Explore the Alsace Wine Route, visit the different vineyards along the countryside and taste some delicious local wine.

Riquewihr in France
Riquewihr, France


Picture-perfect Colmar is the self-proclaimed capital of the Alsace Wine Region and should be high on your bucket list. This small town is magical and colorful, complete with beautiful canals and lush blossoms. You can explore this story-book town in a small boat and stop for lunch at the tiny cafes, while admiring the narrow streets and picturesque small churches.
Our tip: Little Venice is a lovely canal surrounded by water front houses, cozy little restaurants, and flowers that bloom in bright purple and fuchsia.

Colmar in France is a romantic small town
Colmar, France


With a backdrop of the Snowy Alps, a majestic old town with quaint pastel houses and a pure turquoise water lake, this idyllic small town has everything you need for an enchanted getaway.
Our tip: Visit Château d’Annecy. This medieval castle-turned-museum overlooks the Annecy old town that was once home to the Counts of Geneva.

Historical Old Town of Annecy, France
Historical Old Town of Annecy, France


Located on the Seine river and in Champagne region, Troyes has an old world feeling with its half-timbered houses, narrow streets and medieval churches.
Our tip: If you are looking for authentic local cuisine then make sure you try some andouillette, a renowned local delicacy of coarse-grained sausage.

Streets of Troyes in France
Troyes, France

St. Malo

Being a walled port city, St. Malo combines the beauty of the past with the vibrant energy of the sea. This little town will make you feel wild and adventurous as its history echoes from the small houses and cobbled alleys.
Our tip: Fall in love with the food in St. Malo! Fresh seafood, Oysters, Scallops, all local and fresh and yummy! Bon Appetite!

St. Malo in France
St. Malo, France

Sarlat la Caneda

This lively market town boasts some beautiful mansions and lovely streets, and is often used as setting for periodical movies. Have some Foie Gras and some delicious cheese at the local food market.

Our tip: Check out the truffle market near Sainte Marie church every Saturday between 9am to 12am.

Sarlat la Caneda in France
Sarlat la Caneda, France


An impressive fortified town that you won’t want to miss, and should definitely be included when you’re planning a trip to France. Carcassonne sits on top of a wooded hill and will make you feel like you are royalty living in a medieval Gothic castle.

The castle fort in Carcassonne, France
Carcassonne, France


This charming village is one of the most beautiful villages in all of France! The picturesque scenery of Gordes inspired many artists and actors to call this place home. The tall, white houses that slope down the mountainside and the narrow cobbled streets show just some of the beauty that characterizes this village.
Our tip: You simply must visit the lavender field in front of Senanque Abbey, the field of amazing vibrant purple and sweet scented flowers in bloom will create a memorable experience (and a great photo op!)

 Lavender field in Gordes,, France
Gordes, Lavender field, France


As spring is blooming, Eze is the perfect place for a vacation. Sitting impressively high above sea level and overlooking the glistening Mediterranean, the village is as historic as it is charming. Eze is located on the French Riviera, not far from Nice, but maintains more of a local and quaint atmosphere. You can spend the day walking in the maze of little streets, admiring the pink Bougainvillea and the clear, blue ocean view.
Our tip: Visit ‪Le Jardin exotique d’Eze‬, a breathtaking exotic garden sitting on top of Eze’s hill. The views are spectacular and the exotic plants and works of art in the gardens are well worth the visit if you’re planning a trip to France.

Eze in the French Riviera
Eze, France


This spectacular Mediterranean port town is sitting firmly on dramatic cliffs that offer stunning views of the natural port. Located on the island of Corsica, Bonifacio combines the French beauty with the Italian vibe, and perfect beaches alongside tiny cafes.

Our tip: Walk through the old town and visit the beautiful sandy bays in the area.

The port of Bonifacio in France
Bonifacio, France

Do you have any other small towns to recommend when planning a trip to France? Comment below!

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