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The Top 10 Most Breathtaking Landscapes in Europe

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From the hillsides of Portugal to the peaks and valleys of Italy and lakeside villages of Austria, there is no shortage of breathtaking landscape in Europe. We broke it down for you to help make planning your next trip a little easier so you be sure to take into account the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect trip to Europe today!

1. Bonifacio – France

The French island of Corsica is the perfect destination for those looking to take in some of the most unique coastal views and surroundings during their France trip. It is so picture postcard as you look out on the rocky cliffs with houses atop,  or take in a sea view of the Old Town. Bonifacio is surely the best spot on the island that would make a mysterious and wonderful holiday destination.

View of Bonifacio town located on high cliff above sea, Corsica island, France

2. Hallstatt – Austria

Hallstatt is a picturesque lakeside village in Austria filled with a rich history dating back nearly 7,000 years! This exquisite town paired with glaciers, ski slopes and lush green hillsides is exactly what makes this place so incredibly breathtaking. A visit here would undoubtedly be nothing short of ultimate relaxation and serenity. A definite place to fit into your tour of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe.

Hallstatt old town and Hallstatter See lake in Upper Austria. Hallstatt is a village in the Salzkammergut region near Salzburg in Austria.

3. Mont Saint-Michel – France

Another breathtaking landscape in Europe is Mont Saint-Michel. This has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The commune island of Mont Saint-Michel receives over three million visitors every year and for good reason. Classified as the Wonder of the Western World, this site is not only a remarkable piece of history and architecture but is also surrounded by some of the most spectacular landscapes throughout this part of the continent and world.

Mont Saint-Michel view in the sunset light. Normandy, northern France

4. Tuscany – Italy

Although Tuscany is a top attraction of every tourist’s Italy itinerary, it is also a place where you can go to escape the throngs of travelers and explore the many oases just outside the main center. Sip wine at local vineyards and cantinas while you take in the rolling hills and valleys of this Italian region.
The most famous valley, known for its great beauty and postcard landscapes, is Val d’Orcia. This is a must for your itinerary of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe.

Landscape in Tuscany, Italy. Valley Val d’Orcia

5. The Douro Valley – Portugal

This destination is one that has a plethora of inviting traits to offer each one of its guests including boat rides across the Duoro river where you will get to marvel at the many vineyards, towns and villages. Enjoy both table and port wines that the region is known for, .as you gaze out at this World Heritage Site cultural landscape on your Portugal trip.

Pinhao town and Douro river, Portugal

6. The Faroe Islands – Denmark

Often referred to as the hidden gem of Scandinavia, the Faroe Islands make up a place that is very unknown to most travellers, and, in turn, making it the perfect choice for the selective traveller. A peaceful, picturesque and sustainable cluster of islands where not many get to experience and a place you definitely will not want to miss out on.

Magnificent evening view from flying drone of Sorvagsvatn lake, Vagar, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Europe. Majestic summer sunset on Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful summer scenery.

7. The Dolomites – Italy

Not only will you get the chance to sit back, relax and soak up the immense beauty of the surrounding mountain peaks, hills and valleys of The Dolomites, but you’ll also get to enjoy one of the largest wellness centres in the world. If you head here, get ready to enjoy a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience unlike any other. This is a certain candidate for the ten most breathtaking landscapes in Europe.

Boats on the Braies Lake Pragser Wildsee in Dolomi

8. The Hallerbos Forest – Belgium

If your travel plans are set within the spring months (between the end of March and into the summer months of May and June), The Hallerbos Forest is a place to head to. The Hallerbos Forest is world famous for its blossoming beech leaves and purple-blue bluebells that gives off an undeniable magical atmosphere to anyone who enters its lands.

The Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

9. The Lofoten Islands – Norway

This cluster of islands known for its incredible fishing and nature attractions offers its guests some wonderful views and look out points across the water surrounding it. You can bird watch, visit the Lofotr Vikings Museum or simply enjoy the natural beauty of this Norwegian oasis.

Aerial panorama of Reine, scenic village on Lofoten islands in Norway

10. Cairngorms National Park – Scotland

As one of Britain’s most expansive natural parks and one of the most glorious to explore, the Cairngorms National Park is a must for anyone visiting Scotland. Depending on what time of the year you go, it may be a good idea to bundle up as you witness the glistening snow on each of the mountain and hill caps.

Scenic view of the beautiful nature of Cairngorms National Park in Scotland in summer

So what are you waiting for? Start planning a trip to Spain today! And tell us which you think is THE most breathtaking landscape in Europe. Be sure to take some pictures too! 😉

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