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10 Most Enchanting Small Towns for your Trip to Austria

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10 Most Enchanting Small Towns for your Trip to Austria

Austria is simply spectacular and the hills are alive with the sound of music! Charming villages, lush green landscapes, views of blue lakes and the magnificent Alps, and elegant  Baroque architecture – Austria has everything it takes for a fairytale exploration. Austria is all about the “Gemuetlichkeit,” a lifestyle that celebrates the happier moments in life. We have listed our favorite, most enchanting small towns in Austria – what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Austria! 

Start planning your trip to Austria!


This little town is so pretty, it is also known as the “Pearl of the Wachau.” The blue baroque church spire that towers over the town is mesmerising. Visitors flock to this charming town for its renewed local wine, its lovely cobbled streets that are lined with flowers, and small picturesque houses.

#Durnstein #Austria #castle #church trip to Austria
Durnstein, Austria


This charming town enjoys scenic views of pretty castles, waterfronts with promenades and deep blue lakes, as well as 19th Century enchanting villas. It is simply perfect for your trip to Austria! 

#Gmunden #Austria #halstatt trip to Austria
Charming Small Town in Austria

St Gilgen

This picture perfect village is full of colorful streets and Baroque houses. If you visit during the winter make sure to visit its magical Christmas market!

#StGilgen #Austria #lake trip to Austria
St Gilgen, Austria

Bad Ischl 

Located on a riverside, Bad Ischl is as beautiful as it is historic. Throughout history, this spa town was chosen by Austria’s emperors as their summer home. For more than 175 years, Bad Ischl has been a health resort. With the woods nearby, the rustic views and the mountain tops, this small town is a sight to behold.

#Badischl #Austria #river trip to Austria
Bad Ischl, Austria


Hallstatt is the crown jewel of Austria’s small towns, and is considered one of the loveliest lakeside towns in the world. Pastel colored houses, glistening lakes and snowy mountains, this town is a picture perfect sight.

#Hallstatt #Austria trip to Austria
Hallstatt, Austria


This small medieval town enjoys an idyllic location in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. In the summer, the Alpine Flower Garden Kitzbüheler Horn is one of the most popular destinations, and at winter time it is considered one of Austria’s top ski resorts.

#Kitzbühel #Austria trip to Austria
Kitzbühel, Austria


Charming Kufstein is surrounded by meadows, woods and lakes with views of the majestic mountains. Visit the town’s most famous landmark – the impressive Kufstein fortress.

#Kufstein #Austria #river trip to Austria
Kufstein. Austria


Voted “Austria’s most beautiful village,” Alpbach boasts lush green meadows and flower decorations that bloom in bright colors. This picture-book scenery has typical wooden farmhouses and lakes you can splash around in.

#Alpbach #Austria trip to Austria
Alpbach, Austria

Sankt Anton 

This stunning village is perched on top of the Tyrolean Alps and is considered one of the world’s top skiing resorts. It’s also a lovely summer destination, with its tranquil green meadows and serene hiking trails.

#SanktAnton #Austria trip to Austria
Sankt Anton, Austria


Feldkirch sits prettily on the banks of a turquoise river, surrounded by lush mountains and vineyards. Stroll down the cobbled streets and admire the pastel-colored townhouses and enjoy the crisp fresh air.  

#Feldkirch #Austria #river trip to Austria
Feldkirch, Austria
#Hallstatt #Austria #lake trip to Austria
Hallstatt, Austria
#Traditional #Houses in #Austria trip to Austria
Traditional Houses in Austria
#Hallstatt #Square #Austria trip to Austria
Hallstatt Square, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria trip to Austria

Hallstatt, Austria trip to Austria trip to Austria


Which of these will you visit on your trip to Austria? Let us know in the comments!

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