A beautiful little known town at the foot of the Dolomites, offering great hiking nearby, as well as several historic landmarks.

Belluno, is a town and province in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Located about 100 kilometres north of Venice, Belluno is the capital of the province of Belluno and the most important city in the Eastern Dolomiti's region. With its roughly 37,000 inhabitants, it the largest populated area of Valbelluna. It is one of the 15 municipalities of the Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi. Main sights include : The Duomo (Cathedral, 16th century), with an 18th-century bell tower; Palazzo dei Rettori (1491); The red edifice of the Communal Palace; The Bishop's Palace, erected in 1190 by the count-bishop Gerardo de' Taccoli, and more.
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  • Belluno
  • Belluno
  • Vista delle Tre Tofane - Dolomiti Bellunesi

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