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The 10 Most Magical Small Towns for your Trip to Germany

By on April 25, 2016

Hip, cool, medieval, historical – Germany is a lively country that is rich with culture and truly has it all. Alongside its vibrant big cities, Germany has picturesque small towns full of romance and beautiful scenery. Are you ready to explore them? If so, let’s start planning your trip to Germany!


This romantic old town is a sight to behold. With a magnificent castle perched on a cliff overlooking the town, breathtaking & lush scenery, and half-timbered medieval houses all create a stunning impression. Cochem is full of colors and winding narrow streets, a flowing river and medieval monuments, and will make you feel like you’ve walked into a fairy tale.

#cochem #germany #castle #river Trip to Germany

Cochem, Germany


This quaint and delightful town is located in the Eifel region, right next to the Belgian border, and is surrounded by lush hilly forests. There’s a small river streaming along the half-timbered houses and cobbled streets with many charming hidden spots. Don’t miss out on the Christmas market that transforms Monschau into a Christmas marvel.

#monschau #germany Trip to Germany

Monschau, Germany

Ruedesheim am Rhein

Ruedesheim am Rhein is an idyllic wine making town, known for its breathtaking scenery as well as for its acclaimed Riesling and Pinot Noir wines. The town serves as a gateway to The 65km-stretch of the Middle Rhine Valley, famous for its rich history and vineyards. This picturesque town has a long wine making tradition, with traditional wine tavern in historic small houses and medieval ruins. If you love wine, this town is a must for your trip to Germany!

#Ruedesheim #Rhein #valley #germany Trip to Germany

Ruedesheim am Rhein, Germany


This beautiful and historic town is located at the heart of Odenwald nature park. Its old Gothic Town Hall is an iconic national symbol and the town itself is simply magical and looks straight out of a storybook. And you won’t want to miss out on their enchanting Christmas market either!

#Michelstadt #Germany Trip to Germany

Michelstadt, Germany


With its 16th century timber framed colorful houses, this picture perfect town has a pretty market square with a Renaissance fountain and brightly colored flowers.

#Miltenberg #germany Trip to Germany

Miltenberg, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

A magical village that feels like a Bavarian fairytale, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a dream come true. Romantic, quaint, and historic, you can roam Rothenberg’s little cobbled streets for hours, admiring its timbered houses and the perfectly preserved wall surrounding the town. Walking through this town is like walking into a medieval world and Rothenburg is considered to be Germany’s best-preserved medieval city. It’s as if time stood still in this enchanting village.

#Rothenburg #Germany Trip to Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


Bamberg is so beautiful, it is rightly considered one of the most unique and pretty towns in Bavaria. With lovely canals crossing the town and stunning medieval and baroque architecture, Bamberg is an enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site. As historic as it is, dating back to the year 900, the town is also lively and vibrant, with modern breweries, cafes and a cool art scene.

#bamberg #germany Trip to Germany

Bamberg-, Germany


Famous for the manufacture of porcelain, Meissen boasts exquisite porcelain figurines at every corner. Sitting on the Elbe river banks, Meissen offers dramatic scenery, with its Gothic cathedral and dreamy castle sitting on a mountain top overlooking the Elbe valley and vineyards.

#meissen #germany #castle Trip to Germany

Meissen, Germany


A charming medieval town that is considered the birthplace of Germany, Quedlinburg is where King Heinrich was crowned King of Germany in the year 919. This was the first time Germany was ruled as a single country. Aside from being home to a few of Germany’s oldest timbered houses, the town is so well preserved you will feel like you’ve stepped into a movie set. Don’t miss out on the Collegiate Church of St Servatius. Standing on a hilltop, it is considered one of the most significant monuments in the art history.

#Quedlinburg #germany Trip to Germany

Quedlinburg , Germany


Sitting at the foothills of the Harz Mountains, Wernigerode is as lovely as it gets. Narrow lanes, a romantic castle overlooking the town, and the mythical Harz National Park just around corner, full of lush green forests riddled with legends and fairy tales (some say you might even encounter a witch or two in the forest!).

#Wernigerode #germany Trip to Germany

Wernigerode, Germany

Which of these magical towns will you add to your trip to Germany?



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