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Lithuania Wellness Tour

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Nestled on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is a frontier of Western civilization in the vast expanse of Eastern Europe. The authenticity of Lithuanian nature, with its pristine beauty, provides an ideal setting for blending an active vacation with a leisurely holiday.

This wellness tour is intentionally designed to spotlight resort towns that harness the natural benefits of rich mineral waters, aromatic pine forests, therapeutic mud, and Baltic amber—all utilized to support people in staying healthy, vital, and actively engaged.

Day 1: Arrival in Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a city steeped in history and endowed with pristine, healing nature. It provides the opportunity to seamlessly blend historic sightseeing with a wellness experience. The surroundings boast challenging hiking trails, adventurous streams for kayaking, and riverside and lakeside beaches for refreshing swims and sunbathing. The city itself offers a plethora of indoor pools often coupled with a range of saunas, from Turkish steam to Finnish heat, and, in some cases, complemented by a variety of spa services, including Dead Sea mud wraps, baths, and Thai massages.

Days 2 and 3: Drive to Druskininkai, a resort at the southeast border of Lithuania

Druskininkai, a spa town on the southeast border of Lithuania, is situated along Lithuania’s longest river, the Nemunas. The town is renowned for its healing pine forests and abundant mineral water springs. Over the past two centuries, the town has developed a robust infrastructure for medical treatments, wellness, and spa services, which keeps this area lively and busy year-round.

Here is a sampling of Druskininkai’s wellness offerings:

  • Medical treatments designed for the rehabilitation of patients with serious diagnoses
  • Various therapies tailored for post-traumatic healing
  • An extensive menu of procedures focusing on beauty and rejuvenation
  • A rich array of massages, baths, and wraps for revitalizing and soothing the body and soul
  • A diverse range of pools and sauna centers, catering to different tastes for pure entertainment

It is up to you to choose how to make the most of it. There are 2-night wellness packages available from an all-inclusive multifunctional complex, or you can create an individual experience by staying in a charming guesthouse and combining the services from a variety of options.

Days 4 and 5: Drive to Birštonas, a resort in the center of Lithuania

Birštonas, situated in the heart of Lithuania, is a spa town renowned for its abundance of mineral waters—a resource that was found and used for the empowerment of Lithuanian rulers and fighters as far back as the 15th century. Nestled by the longest river in Lithuania, the Nemunas, Birštonas has evolved into a tranquil haven for a leisurely holiday.

Birstonas .resort in Lithuania

The town prioritizes small-scale accommodations and wellness infrastructure amidst a broad array of themed open-air facilities. Birštonas is known for its long river embankment offering diverse outdoor and indoor facilities for physical activity, sprawling parks with therapeutic pine forest inhalations, mineral water treatments, sport and exercise, sculpture, music, gardens, and unique observation platforms and towers. Spend two days leisurely exploring this array of wellness activities by staying at a friendly guesthouse.

Moreover, Birštonas caters to diverse preferences, offering mineral water applications for various medical treatments, post-surgery therapies, and spa services—including massages, baths, and wraps for those seeking pleasure.

Days 6, 7, and 8: Drive to Palanga, a resort in western Lithuania

Palanga, the largest resort on the Baltic coast of Lithuania, is lauded for its clean, soft air enriched with Baltic iodine and the soothing aromas of pine trees. The town boasts long and spacious sandy beaches stretching for over 10 miles, creating an ideal setting for relaxation. Palanga is home to the park and botanical garden of the Amber Museum, situated in the oldest summer residence, wooden villas, and a 1510-feet pier extending into the sea—offering some of the best summer sunsets in the Baltic region. The town is home to charming alleys, beautiful coastline, and forest trails that invite residents and visitors alike to enjoy leisurely walks, hikes, and jogs.

Palanga boasts a wealth of facilities – from hotels to sanatoriums – using the natural surroundings for the following purposes:

  • Post-traumatic and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Strengthening treatments and therapies
  • Rejuvenating procedures
  • Active holidays and family vacations
Botanical garden in Palanga Lithuania

These facilities, conveniently situated within a pleasant walking distance from the beaches and surrounded by evergreen pine trees, harness the healing power of mineral waters, muds, and Baltic amber to offer unique therapies and experiences. Customize your experience over three days according to your preferences:

  • Opt for healing or revitalizing therapies at a multifunctional complex equipped with the latest technology.
  • Indulge in the luxury of hotels offering indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and spa facilities.
  • Rent a seaside cottage to tap into the natural powers of the sand dunes and the sea.

Day 9: Drive back to Vilnius or Depart from Palanga Airport

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