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By on March 20, 2022

With its long, rich history, natural beauty, and modern, trendy vibe, it is no wonder that Germany is a popular tourist destination in Central Europe. The country boasts centuries of culture, religion, and history alongside an epic urban revival with contemporary attractions, hipster art, and a notable music scene. Surrounded by the Alps in the south and the North Sea along its top border, Germany offers a diverse landscape, from agricultural plains to mountainous regions, in every part of the country.

Berlin, the capital, is famous for its galleries, museums, festivals, and modern landmarks. Visit the Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and Museum Island, home to the city’s most important exhibition centers. Berlin’s allure is enhanced by its numerous entertainment venues, orchestras, and universities.

Munich lies on the fringes of the Bavarian Alps. Its historic inner city, composed of medieval walls, old city gates, and curving streets, is a top attraction, with the Marienplatz is its focal point. In addition to the beautiful churches and outstanding museums and palaces, Munich is also known for its rich culture, colorful markets, and mouthwatering pastries.

Other cities to visit in Germany include Freiberg, often referred to as a hidden gem, with much of the cultural lure of Berlin and Munich but with fewer tourists, Cologne, and Dresden. Cologne, situated close to the Belgian and Dutch borders, is a mosaic of cultures and is home to numerous museums, historic churches, and Baroque palaces. Dresden, historically one of the great Baroque cities but one that faced near- destruction in the 20th century, has been rebuilt as a beautiful modern city. It is located along the Elbe River, close to the magnificent Elbe Valley.

The enchanting Black Forest, the setting of many Grimm fairy tales, is a destination famous for its canopy of evergreens, scenic lakes, quaint villages, and old castles.

Other popular tourist destinations in Germany include Neuschwanstein Castle, Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, and the Rhine Valley.
Like much of central Europe, the weather in Germany is most conducive to touring from May through September. The tourist season generally subsides after the Oktoberfest, which takes place annually in Munich starting on the first day of autumn. The Alps, which afford breathtaking summer hikes, provide some of the world’s best skiing in the winter, making Germany’s great outdoors a destination year round.

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