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Lithuania for Families

Nestled on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is a frontier of Western civilization in the vast expanse of Eastern Europe. This week-long family tour blends city and nature experiences, offering a delightful balance of active and leisurely adventures within a short half-hour drive. Discover cities with abundant…

Vilnius city break

Lithuania, a small country situated on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, is a frontier of Western civilization in the expansive landscape of Eastern Europe. Throughout its history, Lithuania has faced prolonged conflicts, yet, in the face of these challenges, the country has consistently strived to build a free,…

North Italy Art and Music

Embark on a 7 to 10-day adventure to Northeastern Italy, exploring Lombardy, Veneto, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and immerse yourself in the enchanting and music-filled destinations that make this region uniquely delightful. We’ve compiled a proposed itinerary for your journey that begins and ends at Milan’s airport, covering a circular route…

Lithuania Urban tour

Explore the two capitals of Lithuania only 100 km apart from each other, but having different history, different architecture, different images, and even different features of their inhabitants. Popular itinerary for Art and History Tour in Lithuania: Day 1. Arrival – Vilnius Upon arrival to Vilnius International Airport and transfer…

Spa & Wellness for Seniors

Let’s explore Lithuania (Lietuva), a proud and independent country characterized by its lush woodlands and abundant water. This small Baltic jewel has rightfully earned its place among Europe’s treasures. Of the three Baltic states, Lithuania stands out as a paradise for nature lovers, blending cultural richness with captivating urban architecture.…

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