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Finland’s Finest: The Best Destinations for your Trip to Finland as Chosen by Routeperfect Users

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The Northern Lights, ice-breaker ships, untouched islands, dog-sled rides, snow castles… Finland is simply amazing! We put together a “must see” list in Finland along with an itinerary of where to enjoy these phenomenal experiences. In fact, with neighboring Sweden, Norway, and Denmark of Scandanvia and Estonia nearby, the entire region is full of these fantastic features that make Northern Europe special. So what are you waiting for? Check our Europe vacation planner and let’s start planning your trip to Finland!

Finnish flag on the boat and summer view of North port Helsinki, Finland. Europe.

Rauma, Finland

The first stop on your trip to Finland brings you to Vanha Rauma, Ruama’s Old Town. This is the world’s largest preserved wooden Nordic town! With traditional houses, preserved architecture, and old craft shops, Ruama offers a truly authentic historic and cultural experience. During your stay, get to know local maritime history at the remarkable Ruama Maritime Museum.


Rovaniemi, Finland

On your trip to Finland, make sure to explore the Arctic with a visit to Lapland in Rovaniemi! Visit the Santa Claus Village, go dog sledding, see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the winter and the Midnight Sun in the summer in this magical region.

Family in husky dogs sledge in winter snowy forest in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Kemi, Finland

Kemi is known for its cold winters and incredible attractions. This 19th Century village is home to the fabulous SnowCastle which is rebuilt every year with a slightly different style and design. When you’re there, make sure to go on an icebreaker boat ride for a truly unique experience.

The Diocese of Oulu, Kemi

Savonlinna, Finland

Founded in the 17C, the town of Savolinna was built around the St Olav Fortress. Surrounded by lakes, this picturesque town is home to the world’s largest wooden church – Kerimaki.

The highest wooden church in Scandinavia. Kerimäki, Finland


Finland’s original capital before Helsinki, Turku is the oldest city in Finland. Visitors enjoy strolling along the Aura River which runs through the charming town center. Take a boat from Turku to the Aland Islands, an autonimous archipelago between Sweden and Finland. Visit the maritime museum, maritime quarter and Museum Ship ‘Pommern’ to understand the archipelago’s rich and unique maritime history. The main attraction however, in my opinion, is the untouched nature of the islands.

Red summer cabin or mokki in fall color forest on rocky shore of Baltic Sea. Ruissalo island, Turku archipelago, Finland


Tampere’s architecture reflects its history as a major industrial center. Some of the old buildings have since been converted to other uses, engendering a rustic charm to the city. The Tammerkoski Channel runs through the city center of this major cultural hub, and is known for its great musical productions and sporting events.

Tampere Cathedral on the background of beautiful sunset in Tampere


Located on the banks of Lake Vanajavesi, Hämeenlinna is home to the 13th-century Häme Castle, a charming Market Square, lush green parks, and world renowned museums.

Medieval fortress of Hameenlinna on the shore of Vanajavesi lake on a July day. Finland


A “must” for any trip to Finland! With world class museums, a beautiful Central Park, an Olympic Stadium, the fabulous Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Helsinki is a city with something for everyone. Its historic Market Squre is lined with vendors selling Finnish food, hand-made souvenirs, and lush seasonal flowers. Travel back in time with a visit to Seurasaari open air museum and get an authentic historical Finnish experience

Make a day trip to Suomenlinna, home to an 18th century fortress on UNESCO’s list of world heritage monuments. The fortress  features a museum, a park, and an arts venue. Make sure to check open times before going!

Helsinki – capital of Finland

Which Scandinavian country would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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