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2022 Destination: ITALY

By on January 12, 2022

It’s no surprise that Italy – romantic, historic, cultural Italy – is one of the most sought-after travel destinations. With its exceptional combination of diverse natural landscapes, world-renowned art and architecture, rich cultural and historical heritage, bustling markets, and fabulous cuisine, Italy offers something for every style and budget.

Explore Italy’s famous cities, roam through its cobblestone streets, and discover large, medieval squares, frescoed churches, legendary art museums, and extraordinary ancient ruins – and be sure to soak in the atmosphere at a quaint street side café while sipping the world famous espresso!

As part of your Italian adventure, the more remote places are a must, too. Combine your culture-based city tours with a tranquil day at the beach, lake, or in the stunning countryside. Travel to Northern Italy to experience the rustic mountain scenery of the Dolomites and the Alps, the crystalline lakes, vineyard-covered hills, and breathtaking coastlines. Enjoy the Mediterranean flavor of Southern Italy, including the Amalfi Coast and La Cinque Terre, with its picture-perfect beaches, charming coastal islands, and variety of historic cities and towns. Cruise the canals of Venice; take a wine tour or go truffle hunting through Tuscany.

If you’re wondering about the ideal time of year to visit Italy, the summer and transition months – as with many destinations – are most popular for tourists, though July and August can be quite warm in many parts of the country. Don’t rule out travel to Italy during the winter months! Because Italy has a Mediterranean climate, the winter isn’t particularly harsh, especially in the southern part of the country, and you’ll find lower rates. If you’re a ski enthusiast, you can find great ski conditions in some of Italy’s resorts.

Looking for guidance? Whether you’re an art-lover, foodie, history aficionado, or a traveler looking for the best off-the-beaten-track spots – or some of each, Routeperfect is your address for planning, organizing, and booking your personalized dream vacation to Italy. Unlike any other company, Routeperfect offers exclusive popular itineraries written by tourism professionals and experienced travelers to jumpstart your planning, helping you to customize your travel and book your accommodations so that you can experience the country YOUR way.




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