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Travel Switzerland

By on April 28, 2022

Switzerland, legendary for its breathtaking natural beauty, is a mountainous country with high Alpine peaks, world renowned ski resorts and hiking trails, abundant lakes, and storybook villages – alongside its iconic industries: precision watches, outstanding chocolate, and banking.

Cosmopolitan Zurich, a city of hills located on the waters of Lake…

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Destination: BELGIUM

By on April 20, 2022

Belgium? Yes! Wedged between Germany, France, and the Netherlands, Belgium is a charming, attractive vacation spot– and one of Europe’s most underrated destinations. This small, sophisticated country is home to a unique mix of delightful towns and bustling cities, history and culture, beautiful landscapes and fine lace – and…

Travel Austria


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Travel Austria

By on April 4, 2022

Located in the Central European Alps, Austria is a small country with high mountains, a long history, rich culture, and spectacular landscapes. Austria draws visitors from around the world not only to its cultural centers and charming villages, but also to its world-class ski resorts which are among the…

Australia trip planning tips


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Travel Australia

By on March 30, 2022

Australia is truly the land of endless exploration. It is home to extraordinary natural beauty and breathtaking, diverse landscapes, laid-back atmosphere, iconic cities, outback wilderness, ancient cultures, and outstanding cuisine. Mainland Australia is the world’s largest island but the smallest continent.

The vast country is divided into eight states and…

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